13 Hobbies To Make Money

Almost all successful people will advise you to do what you love to be successful as well. Is there a better way to start than with your hobbies? There many hobbies to make money out there. The good thing about hobbies is you can always discover some more. For example, you may love cooking and also take up photography. This guide will list 13 hobbies to make money and how to make money with each of them. 

Hobbies To Make Money

  1. Photography

Photography has numerous income avenues. In the last decade, individuals needed high-quality cameras to get into photography. However, in this decade, you can rely on both the traditional camera or your smartphone’s camera. We advise that you venture with both, although the traditional camera is more powerful in terms of megapixels and photo quality. As a photographer, you stand to make money in the following ways:

  1. Freelancing

This is one of the greatest income avenues in photography. You stand a chance to earn from numerous photography gigs such as local events. People may call you to wedding photoshoots, baby shower/newborn photoshoots, traveling photoshoots, friendship photoshoots, and more. As you grow you may find yourself doing celebrity photoshoots. 

  1. Become an Instagram influencer and make money. 

Did you know? Photography accounts are Instagram’s 2nd most lucrative accounts? Brands pay a lot of money to these accounts even when they lack hundreds of thousands of followers. However, you stand to make more money when you have more followers because it creates a greater brand exposure. Read our guide on how to charge brands as an Instagram influencer before you get started. 

  1. Sell photos online

There are numerous platforms that will purchase photos from both beginner and professional photographers. These online platforms stock these photos for use in resale and writing online articles. 

  1. Comedy

People actually pay a lot of money just to laugh. Many of us have attended stand up comedy shows and you have witnessed the crowd these events pull. Currently, you can operate as a comedian with an online audience, especially with the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Comedy also offers numerous income avenues. Some of these ways can also be the process of growth in your career. They are:

  • Create memes and vines(short funny videos). This will help you gain followers on the internet. 
  • Charge brands to advertise their products in your videos or images on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 
  • Brands will also call you to do sponsored posts or features in their own scripted advertisements. 
  • Create your own products and sell them. These can be t-shirts or any other relevant merchandise you can use to market your brand and also earn from it. 
  • Live shows. As more people get to notice your comedy prowess, you will be called to do live stand up shows and you will earn from these shows. This is possible after the pandemic.
  • Movies and TV shows. This is usually the peak of the comedy industry. As you grow your talent and career, you can feature in movies and TV shows. They pay millions of dollars to their actors especially when the show or movie becomes a hit. 
  1. Traveling

Traveling is currently becoming a lifestyle for many. The world has many wonders that you can explore. Traveling actually covers both local and international expeditions. You can earn in multiple ways through your travel expeditions.  

The income avenues associated with traveling include:

  • Start a blog or a vlog. A vlog is more effective as people will want to see what you experienced. You can easily start a vlog on YouTube.
  • Become a Social Media Influencer. Instagram is an ideal place to become an influencer as you share images and videos of expeditions. Brands will be willing to pay you to give them a shout out.
  • Introduce new products from foreign markets. You set up a new business based on an idea you picked up in your travels. Be wary of patents to avoid major lawsuits. Cuisines and foods can be easily borrowed, unlike many other products.
  • Earn travel points from top credit cards & debit cards and redeem them for cash and other rewards. 
  1. Reading

Avid readers out there also have huge potential to earn income. If you enjoy reading, you can earn money in the following ways:

  • Offer editing services. You can sign up as a freelancer on platforms like UpWork to make money online from editing other people’s works. It could be a short article or even an entire book. 
  • Start a book podcast or book blog. Review the books you read using articles, podcasts, or videos. You can from your blog through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or even through review services.
  • Review books for payment. There are numerous freelancing platforms you can use to bid for book review jobs. You can also approach a local magazine or newspaper and enquire about the possibility of offering these services. 
  • You can alternatively write your own book. To save on costs, you can rely on platforms used to create and sell online courses or ebooks. 
  • Rent or sell old books. Students are the main customers in this business. There are books out there that cost up to $300. You can sell or rent them used copies at a lower fee. Sell your books online on platforms like BookScouter or eBay
  1. Writing

Writing is one of the top ways to make money online. There are two main ways of making money through writing. 

  1. Gaming 

The gaming industry has a lot of passion both from the creators and the gamers. You have the chance to get entertained, sharpen your coordination skills, and still make money. Use platforms like YouTube and Twitch to live stream your gaming sessions and show individuals how to get through various stages or simply share the fun. You can make money through the following ways:

  • Ad revenue for your videos from YouTube or Twitch
  • Get one time donations or subscription fees from your viewers.
  • If you have coding knowledge, you can create your own game and make money.  
  1. Cooking

There are hundreds of food cuisines and thousands of recipes out there. One of the major advantages of business ideas for food, ist that you can easily launch them from home. If you have a cooking skill, you can start either or a couple of the following business ideas:

  • Sell baked goods
  • Be a personal chef
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Become a cooking instructor
  • Start a food blog
  • Specialty goods
  1. Gardening

Do you love gardening? Gardening provides quick income avenues because in most cases, clients will pay you on the same day or in a few days. This section may include a little agribusiness to boost your earnings. Gardening business ideas include:

  • Start and maintain lawns.
  • Help people to start vegetable gardens.
  • Start a vegetable garden of your own and supply vegetables.
  • Start a flower garden and sell flowers or you could also help others to start one. 
  • Indoor plant business. This business could thrive especially when you live in major towns. You can either help people maintain theirs or sell them indoor plants. 
  1. Art and Crafts

The art and crafts business is pretty wide. It includes artistic works like paintings, drawings, graphic design, DIY crafts, fashion design, and more. People appreciate handmade work. There are numerous ways to use your creativity to generate income. They include:

  • Take your artworks to local exhibitions like Ubuntu exhibition. These exhibitions expose your work to potential buyers, mentors, future collaborators, and even art followers. 
  • Sell your artwork online on platforms like Etsy. 
  • Do freelance graphic design work on platforms like UpWork and Fivver.  
  • Create and sell artistic courses.
  • Start a vlog on YouTube. You can earn money from subscriptions and ads. 
  1. Musical Instruments

Are you musically gifted? Your knowledge of one or more musical instruments presents multiple income options. These options include:

  • Become a tutor to kids. A lot of people want to teach their kids music because studies show that music improves their nervous system and academic performance. 
  • Start and sell online music courses.
  • Create a vlog. You will get to earn from various ads. 
  1. Working out

Do you love working out? You can still earn while conducting the various exercises you love. The various income avenues include. 

  • Start Online work out tutorials. Personally, I work out from home using T-25 tutorials. 
  • Open a gym
  • Teach Yoga
  • Be a swimming instructor
  • Apply to be a physical education teacher or coach. This may need some certification. 
  • Start a subscription hiking program. 
  1. Pets

Keeping and dealing with pets is actually a hobby. The pet industry actually worth around $60 million per annum. Business opportunities available in the pet industry include:

  • Sell actual pets
  • Pet sitting
  • Photography
  •  Sell treats and pet food
  • Become a pet trainer
  • Pet grooming
  • Sell pet supplies and accessories
  1. Shopping

Shopping is actually a hobby of many individuals. You do not just have to pump money out, but you can also bring money in while shopping. The income opportunities shopping presents include:

  • Become a mystery shopper. There are various platforms that will pay you to become a mystery shopper. 
  • Earn money from credit cards. Use your credit card to shop and earn points which you can convert into cash rewards. 
  • Make money from smartphone apps. Download an app like Swagbucks or Rakuten and earn points from shopping. You can convert these points into rewards or cash. This is how most of these apps function.

14. Tour and Travel

You can allow people to tag a long with you on you expeditions. Organize for their transport, food and activities for a fee. An example is crossfit warriors kenya. They organize hikes ,coastal trips and bike rides. On top of that , they generate content eg. 9 interesting things to know before hiking mount satima .

Final Thoughts

Do what you love and use your hobbies to make money. You can always try and learn a new hobby just to expand your income avenues. 

Please let us know if there are any other hobbies to make money we have left out. 

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