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5 great advantages of starting an online school in Kenya

The way schools operate is changing and changing rapidly. The covid situation in the world has made that even more apparent that we need to adopt a new normal. Starting an online school in Kenya will be the new normal.

It is rules like keep distance , wear masks and avoid crowded places that has favored the internet as a mode of delivering education.

Youtube ,the biggest online school in history already knew that education would change from a class setting to the internet.  Moving delivery of education content to the internet is one of the reasons I believe universities will die if they do not adapt.

We have some schools of course that have already adapted eg. Africa Data Schoollambda school , alx africa  , outschool and holberton school just to  name a few.

Advantages making an online school in kenya

1. Low cost of running a school

You now don’t have to pay rent for a physical space. The cost of internet is significantly lower than the cost of renting space.There is no transport cost for both the instructor and the student.

2. There is no geographical limitation

As long as there is internet access you can get to class. A school like africa data school is based in Kenya. However , they are able to teach students in over 20 African countries.

3. Cheap cost of accessing education.

A typical semester in a university goes for around 1000 usd to 2000 usd . With online schools , the cost goes tadvantageso as low as 100 usd for a 3 month course.

In some cases like youtube ,it’s free.

4. Startup cost is low of going

You only require a laptop, internet and a curriculum.

5. Immune to Pandemics

As we have seen since 2020, online businesses are the ones that survived. With your school delivering value online, it means that it will survive even when there is a pandemic


An online school in Kenya is easy to start, costs very low to run, has no geographical limitations and guarantees cheap access to education.

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