5 Reasons Why Brave Browser Is the Future of Advertising

Privacy is a concept people in the marketing and advertisement industry ignore. Major tech giants and browsers package your privacy as a product. However, you can protect your privacy and improve safety if you use Brave Browser.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a modern search engine tool with roots from the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency project. It also has a background in JavaScript programming. Brave Browser is a brainchild of Brendan Eich, also Mozilla Firefox’s co-founder. He first launched Brave in 2016. 

The browser’s concept puts the users’ needs first above all other purposes.  Currently, many browsers on the internet exploit the users’ data.  To understand it better, we ought to examine the basics of how the old and current browsers can infringe your privacy.  

Ad Tracking is a market research tool adopted into the vast growing technological enterprise. It captures brand performance, product trials and usage, product awareness, and potential competition from rival brands. Therefore, browsing on products such as Google Chrome is slower by the day and gets one’s device to run slower as it accommodates the intrusive ads. It deteriorates the user experience. User experience is essential for customer loyalty

Luckily, Brave Browser should accommodate the market’s void for a new standard in the Open Web. The conception of version 1.0 optimizes the advertising industry’s ever-changing business model, a famously short span. Basic Attention Token encourages the user to regain total control of their privacy while on the internet. 

I will therefore put Brave Bowser into perspective vis a vis Google Chrome. It is essential to expound on five factors why Brave Browser users have a better chance at privacy control than with other browsers.

brave browser
The screenshot of a brave browse homepage

Why Is Brave the Future of Advertising?

1. Privacy Is Respected and Protected on Brave Browser

The developers developed the search engine derived from Chromium. Chromium is an open-source software platform that integrates into the shield modules Brave Browser developed. It automatically blocks trackers and ads as you use the web. 

It is a welcome feature because users can filter out content such as AdBlocker without installing extension features. Moreover, any data that Brave collects remains anonymous. User privacy is at the core of Brave’s system architecture. You can surf the web with the knowledge that your information safe from previously visited sites. It is different from other browsers like Chrome. You are no longer viewed as a product but as a user.

2. Faster Browsing on Brave Browser

Brave Browser prides itself on data privacy and outperforming its competitors as one of the fastest products on the market. It is visible on the speeds in the opening of 3 or more tabs on Brave Browser than Google Chrome.  The latter’s runtime is more due to launching third-party tracking and ads. It means less consumption of memory and battery on mobile and smartphone, making it overly reliable.

3. Innovative Advertising Model on Brave Browser

The Basic Attention Token project is the focal point of Brave Browser.  It is a promising cryptocurrency project that addresses a real-life-based problem and has already recorded many active users. The problem here is monitoring and analyzing user trends to deliver increasingly targeted and intrusive Web Giants’ ads. Basic Attention Token addresses the following;

  • Web browser control on ads
  • Blockchain payment model with the incorporation of Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Enable a more transparent digital marketing strategy.
  • Disrupt manipulative use of bots on numbers of clicks
  • Prevention of the misuse of users’ details while displaying advertisements.
  • Reduced number of ads (quality ads over quantitative ads)
  • Supported and fairly distributed rights amongst advertisers and users.

Basic Attention Token is a revolutionary model that aims to carry out advertising and respect the users’ need for data privacy. In turn, it helps promote equity amongst the publishers, distributors, promoters, and users at large.  

4. Payment Towards Content Creators with BAT Tokens

Brave Browser has promoted a new model known as the Brave Reward Program. It allows users to pay verified content creators with the BAT token program. The BAT program is considered a token of gratitude towards the content creators. It is in the form of one-off payments or subsequent monthly payments for favorite listed sites. 

The payment models currently incorporate a little over 300,000 verified content creators. It transcends to more popular platforms such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, YouTube, Twitter, or GitHub to directly register and receive the Brave Reward Program benefits.

5. Open Web Model

Brave Browser aims to promote a faster, safer, accommodative, and user-friendly environment where content creation is acknowledged using BAT tokens while protecting intrusive ads. Open Web promoted by Basic Attention Token and its Brave browser is an all-inclusive project. It prioritizes and rewards user attention time with BAT tokens, leading the Web 3.0 for the future. It makes the Basic Attention Token project special and promising for future generations.


A solution such as the one promoted by Basic Attention Token with its Brave Browser has a promising future. The Open Web that Brave promises will be faster and more considerate of everyone’s privacy.

This vision of an Open Web powered by BAT may appear romantic to some, but it is already a reality with Brave Browser. All you need to do is download Brave Browser to get started.

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