5 reasons why internships should begin at 9 Years old

Your first thought is ‘isn’t that too young?’ Would you ask the same question to a 10-year-old who has appeared on Shark Tank and now owns a six-figure business?  Or the 13-year-old who founded a multi-million-dollar company? Internships!

When it comes to business, we can now say that age is just a number. A 9-year-old intern will figure out what they like and dislike, be exposed to practical learning, have a solid resume when applying to colleges, gain a skillful education and an increase in kidpreneurs (kid entrepreneur).  Of course, the internship will have to be supervised.

1. Figure out what you don’t like and like at an early age

We forge our path in life with the influence of our likes and dislikes. You will save the 9-year-old from a lifetime of indecisiveness. The internship will be like a test run of career options for the young lad or lass to figure out what career choices they are comfortable making. Hence, they will have definite goals and a stronger drive to work to achieve them. The child has more time to learn what they love to do.

2. Practical learning experience

Have you ever taken a job where you questioned what you learned in the classroom? Early internships create an opportunity to balance learning. Of course, the young intern will be more of a silent participant but will be able to fill in what the classroom is yet to teach. Furthermore, it is a chance to study ahead of the teacher and apply what they learn in a classroom setting.

3. A Skilful education

An internship is a chance for the 9-year-old to pick up soft skills they will need in the future or in school. For example, they can learn leadership skills they could use in the student council. They are capable of learning other skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Remember that a university degree is not a guarantee for success.

4. A stronger resume

The 9-year old will start forging a strong resume as they will know what they want to achieve, gain practical experience and skills applicable in what they pursue. For example, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills are key factors that are analyzed in a resume. They will be able to apply to great schools and have the confidence to apply for top jobs. 

5. Kidprenuers

As we noted earlier, there are 9 and 10-year-olds who have built six-figure companies. Entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving. Internships will help them be able to identify and solve problems from the observation and skills the young lads and lasses partake in. The exposure creates more sources of inspiration and broadens the chance to find and establish an entrepreneurial path. 

The young need to gain a better perspective of the world and how it works. Albert Einstein famously quoted that your education is what remains after you forget what you were taught in school. An early internship is a chance at exposure to more practical and skillful education. One hardly forgets a skill, for example, forgetting how to ride a bicycle. It is time we nurture inspirations in our young ones at an early age. What do you think?






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