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6 Best schools to learn Data Science In Kenya 2024

Data science in Kenya is an interdisciplinary and relatively new field that is a perfect blend of computer science, engineering, statistics, subject matter knowledge, and mathematics. In fact, it is important to qualify all the subjects. It has been believed that it can change every aspect of our society. There are various game-changing technologies based on data science that tend to enhance the quality of people’s lives, enhancing the efficiency of services and processes. 

The mission of the Data Science schools in Africa is to facilitate the data science discipline nationally across the country. Many open courses for data science are developed to enhance academics and industry. Continue reading this to explore options for data science in Kenya to fulfill your training needs.

data science in Kenya

​Where can you learn Data Science in Kenya? 

There are a number of colleges and universities that offer training and courses for Data Science in Kenya. However, the problem with most of these institutes is that they need you to physically attend college. The physical classes do have benefits, but they are not accessible for everyone. For instance, people living far from the institute would have to rent a place near it or travel long distances. 

Online institutes have no such barrier. So, if you are new to data science, they are a great option. Here’s a small list of the best online Data Science Schools in Kenya that you can prefer. 

Africa Data School 

If you are looking for an online institute that teaches not just the basics but also the implementation of Data science, Africa Data School is the right option. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the institute provides training with real-life experience in each of the big data technologies. The school provides you mainly three different courses.

  1. 12 weeks Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Course
  2. 12 weeks Data science course
  3. 8 weeks Data Analyst course

During these courses, you will be introduced to the basis of the data management and organization industry. You will also be familiarised with AI technologies like Machine learning and Deep learning along with their practical application. And each of these courses will include both live sessions and video content to simplify your learning experience.

Your expert mentor will guide and evaluate you throughout the course. You can expect 24*7 support with career advice from the leading expert in the field. Further, all of the courses include multiple subparts. You will have an industry project after each subpart. It will ensure you understand the concept and are clear with its application in real-life scenarios. 

Africa Data School also has an R&D (Research and Development) lab and a startup studio to help you develop a career in data science.


Simplilearn is an institution that provides courses in association with IBM to enhance the learning experience. Their excellent learning approach makes sure to offer mastery in Spark, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, R in comparison to others. The fee for their course starts from $999 and may vary depending on the program you choose. Simplilearn offers the following courses for data science:

  • Tableau Training
  • Data Science Capstone
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science with R programming
  • Spark Development and Big Data Hadoop
  • Data Science with Python

Besides these courses, this institution also offers certification course programs for the following:

  • Data science Industry Master Class
  • SQL Training
  • Python For Data Science
  • R programming for Data Science

You can visit their website to access the downloadable course syllabus for data science courses and other details related to the program.

Udemy Data Science

It is another popular platform for learning data science online at the best price. There are various professionals who have taken online classes from Udemy Data science. Mostly all of them are satisfied with their way of teaching and explaining the concepts. Their approach to making things understandable is unique and creative. They offer various data science courses, and a few of them are listed below:

  • Machine Learning Bootcamp and python for Data Science
  • The Data Science course 2021
  • Data Science A-Z And more!

Most of the above-mentioned courses cost around $12.99 with complete certification. For further details, you can check their website. 

Online Courses For Data Science

If you don’t want to choose online classes and want to attend classes physically, Kenya has some really good institutes for that too. The following are some of the options you can try. 

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

When it comes to data analytics certification and data science training, KSMS is one of the recognized institutes for data science in Kenya. It is one of those learning institutes with all the essential resources and facilities to provide quality learning. This institution focuses on its programs and courses suitable for a number of Kenyans specializing in data science, finance, and other related fields. The data science course offered by this institute is beneficial for those who want to enhance their skills and attain mastery in data computations. Also, the Kenya School of Monetary Studies provides flexible learning options at very affordable fee amounts. If you want to know about the details, you can email them with your queries.

Strathmore University 

Strathmore University acknowledges the fact that how data-rich are becoming modern businesses these days. Keeping this in mind, they aim to enhance the skills of experienced data analysts by providing them with the best and most affordable training courses for data science in Kenya. Their data science course will help the graduates to make data-driven decisions. Getting a certification in Data science is comparatively more affordable than the traditional courses. The best thing about this institution is that they are offering both full-time and evening classes. So you can choose the slot as per your requirements. Admission for this course opens in Jan, May, and September. 

The registration process of this institution is quite simple. You just need to bring three passport photographs, one valid ID proof like a birth certificate or passport, an overall B+ grade with a minimum A- in English and Math in KCSE. 

Moringa School To Learn Data Science in Kenya

The learners who want to polish their skills and attain mastery in Data Science can choose this institution. This school follows a comprehensive approach by considering current requirements pursuant to data analysis. Moringa school offers a well-structured learning course that guarantees adaptability and harmony with the new trends of data analytics.

This learning program is not just marketable but also makes you aware of other emerging career opportunities. The fee structure for data science in Moringa school ranges between 40k- 1,40,000 based on the study level. The basic course of data science includes Python, NumPy, Pandas, and SQL, and the duration for this course will be five weeks. 

The advanced data science course, on the other hand, includes supervised learning, decision trees, neural networks, advanced regression, and more. This advanced-level course will take about eighteen weeks. So, you can choose according to your needs and budget. 


Data science is a vast field whose applications are increasing with every passing day. It has set its roots in almost every major section of society, right from Fintech to medical facilities and from schools to large-scale businesses. 

And thanks to the Africa data Science Schools, you now have access to all the resources to master every aspect of Data Science. So, if you have an analytical brain and are interested in AI, consider enrolling in one of these institutes.

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