7 benefits of IP Telephony To Your Business

What is IP Telephony?

Telephony is the technology that facilitates communication between individuals over a distance. IP stands for internet protocol. Thus, IP telephony is the use of the internet to facilitate communication. IP telephony relies on data packets to enable forms of communication like emails, voice communication, faxes, video, and more. 

In the past, individuals relied on Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) which used circuit connections to enable telephone and fax calls. Most people are familiar with or at least the features of two types of IP telephony. These are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

SIP supports voice, video, and messaging applications. VoIP, on the other hand, facilitates phone calls over the internet through a Local Area Network (LAN). Businesses have varying communication needs. However, they can rely on IP Telephony companies like ProIPTech to integrate and realise the benefits of IP telephony. 

Moreover, IP telephony is more necessary with an increase in online businesses such as online food delivery businesses, create online courses, online schools and more. 

Benefits of IP Telephony To Your Business

1. Cost Efficiency

The cost factor is one of the most important aspects of business because it has major influence on the profit margin. IP telephony is a lot cheaper than the Public Switched Telephone Networks. Phone companies charge per minute for your call on the traditional phone line. Businesses can make and receive hundreds or thousands of phone calls in a day.  

Cellular phone companies offer monthly plans with limited minutes. You will have to pay more if you exceed these minutes. Alternatively, you can purchase an unlimited plan which costs more. However, you will only need to pay your internet service provider when you use IP telephony like VoIP for your business. This will increase the savings and the profit margin. 

2. Scalability

Landline service limits the number of phone lines your business can afford because you will pay for each phone line and the call time the employees use. On the other hands IP phone systems like the ones from ProIPTech do not have these limits. You simply need to add an IP Phone to your router at no extra cost. 

Moreover, IP telephony is wireless, portable and uses cloud to route your calls. Thus there is no need for a physical call center to manage calls. You also have better mobility with IP telephony. It enables you to move to different parts of the country and globe to realise various business opportunities. 

3. Global Access

Your business can hire employees to work remotely because IP telephony is portable. The employer and employee will both benefit from remote access. 

Employees will save on gas fuel, transport costs, avoid traffic delays and can multitask between home and work duties. Businesses will save on office space, office supply costs, overhead costs and their employees can be productive working from home. Moreover, employees will not report traffic delays or experience weather restrictions when going to work. 

4. Bandwidth efficiency

Bandwidth can be defined as the highest rate of data transfer in a certain path for example in a phone call. A 2008 study reveals that about 35% to 50% of a phone call is usually silent. If you rely on cellular calls, you will find that the silence actually costs a lot of money. The cost of silence will range between $60 to $80 per month if you make at least 4 calls a day. 

This study proposes use of Voice Activation Detection (VAD) to enhance bandwidth efficiency by 35%. VAD improves will not transmit data if either end of the call does not have a voice. It will generate an artificial comfort noise to fill the silence and prevent disconnection. The artificial noise is usually at a low volume but is still audible enough for parties on either end of the line.  

5. Features Galore

IP telephony systems offer numerous features. These features prove to be versatile, efficient, productive, and exciting. For example, you can share a voicemail to multiple people with a single click. You can also make automatic calls to people from a list of specified numbers. These calls will ring until the receiver answers them or they go to voicemail. 

Moreover, you can call both the office phone and cell phone. There are other key features like ring group and hunt group calls. A ring group call will call multiple numbers in a specified group at the same time. The hunt group call will be rerouted to a list until one of them calls. It applies to business factions like customer service. 

6. Easy to Incorporate

Businesses must consider how compatible a system is to their needs. You can easily integrate IP telephony services to your existing infrastructure. Phone calls will be done through VoIP, email can send faxes, and other data can also be easily transmitted through an IP telephony network. 

The systems will improve productivity within your infrastructure and make processes faster. IP telephony also facilitates better customer service as you can find, send, and receive information faster. Furthermore, you do not need extra hardware as with traditional landline phone systems. 

7. Better Conferencing Capability

Conferencing compatibility is part of the IP phone system price. However, you have to pay extra for traditional landline phones as it is an additional service. Moreover, you can also make video conference calls with IP phone systems. These video conference calls have a better picture quality than traditional video conference calls. 

Who are ProIPTech? 

ProIPTech is an organization that helps businesses get and make use of emerging technology solutions. They work with businesses in any sector such as healthcare, finance, telecommunications, education, insurance, manufacturing, retail and pharmaceuticals. ProIPTech’s services include:

  • IP Telephony
  • IP TV
  • 21st Century classrooms
  • Unified communication
  • Unified collaboration
  • Smart workspace automation
  • Wireless presentation
  • Call center setup


Technology evolves to try and provide efficiency, effectiveness, and cost benefit. The world is rapidly moving from traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to IP Telephony. Businesses have more to gain from IP telephony. Some of the benefits include cost efficiency, scalability, bandwidth efficiency, versatile features, easy incorporation, better conferencing capability and gl;obal access. 

You can reach out to an IP phone systems provider like ProIPTech to realize a suitable or custom IP telephony solution for your business. 

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