7 best DJ pool in Africa 2024

Finding a DJ pool in Africa that has a constant flow of afrobeat music is like looking for a needle in a haystack. All the same, let us reserve this topic for another day Being a DJ in Africa or the rest of the world, you know all too well that music is your business. The more updated your collection, the better an edge you have in your business. However, keeping up with the latest tracks can be daunting and challenging. To address these concerns, DJ pools have emerged as a solution, enabling artists and producers to share their music with DJs and radio stations worldwide seamlessly. Over time these two problems have been solved by the creation of Dj pools. This is where producers and artists can upload their songs and are able to reach multiple DJ’s and radio stations across the world with one click of a button. In this updated guide for 2024, we will spotlight the top DJ pools specializing in afrobeat music, ensuring DJs have access to the freshest tunes every week In case you do not already have an account with an Afrobeat, please start by signing up for one here. It should be part of your arsenal. Let us get to it then, shall we?

Afrobeat Dj Pool

This is a music market place startup whose vision is to see afrobeat music accessed throughout the world. Afrobeat Dj pool is working closely with artists and music labels who provide a constant flow of music. On asking the founders, they described the music pool as a web analytics platform that connects Afro-beat Music Artists/ Producers to Djs and Radio stations around the world. You can find both original, instrumental and cover songs here. Nigerian, Kenyan, Ghanian and Tanzanian songs can be found here. They are providing analytics for producers and artists. The analytics include
  1. Number of times a song is downloaded
  2. The location where the music is downloaded
  3. Number of likes and dislikes of a song(This gives you a feel for the quality of music)
For DJS this application gives you
  • No less than 320 Kbps high quality files
  • Favourite dashboard
  • Search by Country
  • Search by BPM
and many more…. Website: www.afrobeatdjpool.com https://app.afrobeatdjpool.com/djs/sign_up https://app.afrobeatdjpool.com/producers/sign_up

Africa record pool

Based in Nairobi Kenya as well. They pride themselves as a promotional tool for Record labels, Promotion companies, and Artists used for servicing DJs. Genres available also include afro hip hop, afrobeat, dance hall, Cameroun riddim, reggae, and kwaito. In addition to all of these genres, Dj2download afrobeat DJ pool also supply a good number of acapella for producers They have a large collection of songs and one has to pay to access the songs There isn’t a lot about them online but have a lot of music. Website: http://africarecordpool.com/ Subscription – Paid every 3 months

African Dj’s pool

Based in Nigeria This is basically a blog that contains music instead of blog posts. They have organized the website really well using menu tabs at the top as well as tags. Hausa music, Igbo music, and Yoruba music can all be found on Digital Music Pool. They have songs from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and most of East Africa The pool has quite a large collection of music for you to download and electrify your audience. Website: https://www.africandjspool.com/ Subscription: Free

Dj2download afrobeat DJ pool

This is also another Nigerian based DJ pool in Africa. You don’t have to pay a single coin to join as a DJ. Music is updated on a daily basis so you can be guaranteed of songs every single day. Genres available include (but are not limited to) afro hip hop, afrobeat, dance hall, Cameroun riddim, coupe decale, EDM, Ghana riddim, reggae, and kwaito. In addition to all of these genres, the Dj2download afrobeat DJ pool also supplies a good number of acapella for producers (or DJs who like to get creative during their sets). The tags are numerous and would be very easy to search based on country and genre. Website: https://www.dj2download.com/ Subscription: Free Redefined video media pool This is a pool primarily concentrating on song videos. According to their website, it is clearly indicated “we serve D/VJ’s with nothing but the best of swanky clean Edits. We research, acquire and go through the new music videos and make sure they are ready for you before you go out there and rock the Crowd.” You are however required to be a member to be able to access the tracks. This is likely the only DJ pool in Africa that serves video. As a Dj who likes playing around with video tracks, this is a valuable resource for you. Categories served include, Kenyan music, Dance hall, reggae, and Latin music. Apart from that, they have music from continents outside Africa as well. Website: https://www.redefinedmediavideopool.com/

PlayKE record pool

Beyond an Instagram account and a facebook account, they do not actually have a website. This is one of the record pools that started way back but it seems we’re not able to stand the test of time. It was started in Kenya to give an exclusive source for providing DJs,VJs and Radio/TV program directors with the latest new promotional music from Kenya before it hits the streets. PlayKE Record Pool is a joint initiative by Kenyan record producers and record labels.


Finally, we have Xrprecordpool. The ultimate record pool for Christian Music. They have a collection of gospel music to choose from. The platform is paid for and has 2 plans. The difference between them is that for one, you have to commit to uploading a monthly playlist in order to continue qualifying to be on the plan. Website: https://xrprecordpool.com/ Subscription: $19.99 per month and $49.99 per month


In conclusion, each DJ pool mentioned caters to different needs, making them valuable resources for DJs within and beyond Africa. If there’s a DJ pool we’ve missed that deserves recognition, please share it in the comments section. Adios! Stay tuned for updates. Adios!Sign up for updates here 

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