7 Business Ideas For Food You Can Try At Home

Eating is a necessity and some people actually list it as a hobby. Some of us love cooking and are happy when they put a smile on those who eat what they make. This is an opportunity to explore business ideas for food. Furthermore, when you consider food as a subject, it is very vast thanks to dozens of cuisines and thousands of recipes. 

The food business is also flexible because you can start up with low costs especially when it comes to rent expenses. You get to use your kitchen when you start the business at home. However, we advise that you buy separate kitchen equipment. 

What are some of the food business ideas you can easily try?

business ideas for food

7 Business Ideas For Food You can try at Home

  1. Baked goods

Have you ever heard of the phrase to sell like a hot cake? Well, this phrase also applies to baked goods. They present many opportunities to you the chef and also for your customers. For example, Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records lists the birthday song as one of the most sung songs? This presents a good opportunity for you as it means birthdays occur are celebrated every day.  You should inquire and bake for birthday parties. 

Other baked goods you can make include muffins, doughnuts, cookies, tea scones, bread, and more. Furthermore, you should also remember that a considerable number of people take gluten-free products. This is a chance to expand your customer base. 

Try and sell these goods directly to consumers or through a local shop or cafe. 

business ideas for food
  1. Catering

Catering can be a big but lucrative task. There are many events that go on. Examples include birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, engagement parties, and more. You can decide t focus on one niche of events for example birthdays. However, it is always good to diversify. 

You may need some extra pair of hands so you can get a sibling to help or simply hire someone. The extra help ensures you have the food ready at the expected time.     

  1. Personal chef

There are families out there that are really busy. These families hire personal chefs to cater for their food needs. You may cook a whole week’s food and they can store in their fridge and they will simply warm it to eat during the week. 

There are personal chefs who will deliver food from their homes and some will cook from their client’s home. Moreover, there are families that have dietary needs. For example, people with allergy needs. It may help to have some nutrition knowledge.  

business ideas for food
  1. Nutrition coaching

People are becoming conscious of what they eat every day. They are now aware that a nutritious diet is vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy living and feeling good. As a nutrition coach, you will help your clients set health goals and a meal plan to help them achieve them. Some of the specific issues you will address include food allergies and health issues like diabetes. 

There are those individuals who need a gluten-free or vegan meal plan. You do not have to be a registered nutritionist or dietitian to get started. However, this will only make you more credible to your clients and you will have the leverage to charge more. You can get certification from the numerous nutrition coaching companies out there.  

  1. Cooking Instructor

Many people out there are want to acquire cooking skills and are actually willing to pay to acquire them. As a cooking instructor, you may generalize what you teach or you can focus on a specific area in cooking. It could be grilling, baking, or other areas. 

You can create your own cooking course with the help of platforms used to create online courses. If you are a nutritionist, you can also create a short nutrition course with the help of online platforms. Alternatively, you can post your videos on YouTube and earn from advertisements YouTube will include in your videos.  

  1. Food Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the fastest ways to make money online. You can upload images of your food, write text on your food experience or recipes, or even make videos to upload on your blog. A food blog may not run like the normal food business as you will not be selling your food. However, you can still operate a food blog for your food business such as a restaurant. There are many ways to earn from a blog. The main income avenues include advertisements, affiliate marketing, sale of ideas such as recipes or cookbooks. 

business ideas for food
  1. Specialty goods. 

Do you have a specific meal you are good at making? It could be your grandmother’s secret recipe or recipe you have perfected. Specialty goods are in demand as you can use them to make gifts that you can sell through consignment, at fairs, farmers markets, online and more. 

Final Thoughts  

If you start one or more of the above business ideas for food you can start at home, you not only save on start-up costs but also get to stay safe and be productive at home during this Coronavirus pandemic. Remember, you can choose to specialize in one for example baked goods. However, a combination has a better chance of increasing your income. For example, you can still specialize in baked goods and run a blog. 

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