7 easy steps to make money on BrandsEye Crowd

BrandsEye is a solution that combines human and artificial intelligence to assess urgent or high risk on social media. Their service improves market conduct reporting, optimizes social customer service and customer experience, manages risk and reputation, and generates new CX insights. It also provides a great working opportunity for freelancers looking to earn extra money online through the BrandsEye Crowd. In this article, we discuss what BrandsEye is, What BrandsEye Crowd is, and how you can earn on BrandsEye . 

What is BrandsEye?

BrandsEye is a solution that helps organizations with a high online engagement to optimize social customer service and customer experience, improve market conduct reporting, manage risk and reputation, and generate new CX insights. They have clients in various industries including retail, telecommunication, insurance, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and insurance. 

Here is a scope of the services BrandsEye offers:

  • Customer service

The customer service solution helps businesses to react appropriately to service requests, risks, and opportunities in real-time. It optimizes the customer care workflow to improve the response rate and reduces social noise by prioritizing tickets based on their importance and urgency. 

  • Customer experience

The customer experience solution uses insights to help you identify opportunities and challenges in your customer’s journey. You can identify areas for improvement using the Purchase, Service, and Cancel tags. 

  • Market conduct

The Market Conduct solution uses social conversations to provide automated and comprehensive conduct reporting for financial services. BrandsEye’s market conduct rules are outcome-focused and apply Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles. They get the most of the TCF-related complaints from Customer engagements on social media. 

  • Risk and Reputation management

The risk and reputation management solution identifies and alerts you to social conversations that have the potential to damage your reputation and organisation. 

BrandsEye uses human and artificial intelligence to offer its scope of services. BrandsEye gets human insights through BrandsEye Crowd.

What is the BrandsEye Crowd?

BrandsEye Crowd is a one-of-a-kind platform that comprises a community of real people who bring human insights to the data that BrandsEye collects. It is an excellent opportunity to make money online. The BrandsEye community provides judgement and local context to evaluate and contextualise online mentions.

BrandsEye ensures consistency of the Crowd members using a sophisticated computer platform that relies on the same techniques that rank chess grandmasters. The Crowd sends reliable contextualised data back to BrandsEye. BrandsEye uses the data to provide their clients with accurate insights that help them make better decisions for their businesses. 

Benefits of BrandsEye Crowd to BrandsEye Users

BrandsEye offers the following benefits to the BrandsEye platform:

  • offers a better data accuracy of up to 20% more than the industry average
  • generates accurate insights from reliable contextualised data
  • provides insights that enable improved strategic decision making for businesses
  • Provides multi-language monitoring that understands the local culture, including vernacular language and slangs

How Does BrandsEye Crowd Work?

The BrandsEye Crowd is an excellent opportunity to work online or work from home as a freelancer. Here are the steps to how BrandsEye Crowd works: 

1. Register for an account with BrandsEye Crowd by entering your details including the name, email, address, ID or passport, location, and more. 

2. Log in to your BrandsEye account.

3. BrandsEye collects online data like Facebook posts and tweets and sends it to the Crowd. 

4. The Crowd asks the members questions about the posts. These questions aim at getting an accurate sentiment on the posts you receive.

5. You earn some money for every question you answer correctly. 

6. Your accuracy also determines your ability to continue working with the platform. A low accuracy can cause the administrators to lock your account because it inconveniences the BrandsEye clients. 

7. Withdraw your money once your account balance reaches the minimum withdrawal amount. 


There is an opportunity to make a significant amount of money from working in the BrandsEye Crowd. Also, as a business, BrandsEye can optimize social customer service and customer experience, improve market conduct reporting, manage risk and reputation, and generate new CX insights. Let us know if there is more we should learn about BrandsEye.

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