7 Reasons that make Africa Data School a Top Data School

Africa Data School is a learning program that takes place for 12 weeks. It offers courses in Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Programming, and Computer Vision.

You can advance your knowledge in these classes through physical lectures and as an online course. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown regulations, the classes are online-based. Taking an online course during this period will actually help you to stay productive at home. The physical classes take place between 5.30 pm -7.30 pm. Africa Data School is located at MEST Pinetree Plaza in Nairobi. 

You can enroll in Africa Data School both on a beginner level and an expert level. 

Courses at Africa Data School

africa data school
  1. Data Science

 Data science involves the use of intelligence and predictive analysis to find solutions for real-world problems in business and other fields.

  1. Deep Learning 

Deep Learning teaches you how to back reinforcement learning by applying neural networks and deep learning. 

  1. Machine Learning

Africa Data School will teach you to apply Machine Learning algorithms with Sci-Kit Learn and in Python. 

  1. Big Data

Big Data course teaches you how to use Spark with Python. It includes data frames like Machine Learning, Spark Streaming, and Spark 2.0.

  1. Natural Language Programming

Africa Data School will cover a wide variety of tasks in Natural Language Processing. They progress from basic to advanced. These include summarization, Sentiment Analysis, and more. 

  1. Computer Vision

Africa Data School will equip you with all and the latest Computer Vision Tools available. This knowledge will help you create powerful apps and detect anything.  

Course Outline

The Africa Data School course outline below shows how learning has been planned through the 12-weeks. 

africa data school
  • Week 1-3

Introduction to Data Science. The introduction in week 1 will cover the Kaggle project and introductions to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Machine Learning Pipeline. Week 2 will cover Data Analysis. You will go over a Python Crash Course, Numpy, and Pandas. 

Africa Data School instructors teach Data Visualisation in the 3rd week. You will learn about Seaborn, Matplotlib, and Panda Visual. 

  • Week 4-6

The instructors will teach Data Wrangling (EDA) over the next three weeks. Week 4 will mainly focus on Advanced-Data Visualization. This involves Dash, Plotly, and Map Box & Geographical Plot. 

Week 5 will go over supervised machine learning. It entails aspects like Logistic regression, Linear Regression, and Support Vector Machine. In Week 6, the instructors will go over supervised and unsupervised machine learning. They will cover Ensemble Models, Decision Tree, and Clustering. 

  • Week 7-9

The main focus of the next three weeks will be on Machine Learning. Week 7 will cover PCA and Deployment. This involves topics like Dimensionality reduction and Part 1 & 2 of model deployment. 

In Week 8, the classes will focus on Azure AI Engineers. You will cover an introduction to AI on Azure, you will publish a machine learning experiment, and use Azure cognitive speech services to process and translate speech. 

In Week 9, you will use Azure cognitive vision services to process and classify images. Students also learn to use Azure cognitive language services to evaluate a text. You will conclude the week by using Azure bot service to create intelligent bots. 

  • Week 10

The next two weeks focus on Deep Learning. In Week 10, instructors cover Feature Engineering and Selection. Students learn Feature Engineering, feature selection, and Advanced ML Pipeline. 

  • Week 11 and 12 

The last two weeks mark the project phase. In week 11, you will go do projects 1, 2, and 3.  Students will do projects 4 and 5 in Week 12. Project closing and evaluation also takes place in week 12. 

7 Reasons that make Africa Data School a Top Data School

africa data school
  1. Start From Scratch

Are you a beginner? Africa Data School is a great place to learn data science or machine learning from scratch. The 12-week course is also suitable for ICT professionals who wish to advance their knowledge of the same. Graduates with a programming or statistics course can also gain a lot from Africa Data School. 

  1. Highly Interactive Program

Successful learning programs have a good student to instructor ratio. Africa Data School instructors interact with the students more to understand and address any learning issues effectively. Moreover, the ratio helps them to engage all the students more in the learning process. 

  1. Projects Assignments

Africa Data School learning system uses a combination of theory and practical learning. This makes learning to be more effective and the students to be more productive. The instructors will provide the appropriate help in these projects to guide you in the right direction. Africa Data School has 5 project assignments which take place in the last two weeks of the learning program. You will be able to test and apply your knowledge from Africa Data School through these projects. 

  1. Microsoft Credit

Africa Data School has partnered with Microsoft Africa to offer the students Microsoft Credits once they graduate. These credits are very important as recommendations and certifications. They improve your chances for job opportunities, and also credibility should you choose to venture on your own. 

africa data school
  1. Referrals And Recommendation

Africa Data School is willing and happy to offer you recommendations and referrals for your career needs. The referrals will be to various companies that are looking for data scientists or someone knowledgeable in the topics Africa Data School teaches.

  1. Real-life Challenges

Africa Data School offers courses that tackle real-life challenges. Furthermore, their projects will present these challenges to help you learn how to solve them. 

  1. Career Options 

The courses at Africa Data School present multiple career options. They include:

  • AI engineer

The AI lessons covered in Week 8 and other weeks are enough to help you pursue a career as an AI engineer. This is a highly marketable career as most processes in business and other sectors are becoming highly automated to save on costs. 

  • Data scientist

Alternatively, you can choose to be a data scientist based on the extensive knowledge gained throughout this program. Most sectors now rely on data analysis and data processing to be able to get appropriate and actionable information. 

  • Freelancer

You can choose to freelance with the knowledge you acquire from Africa Data School. Freelancing is one of the ways to make money online and offline. It preps you to start your own practice and even company. Africa Data School backs you with knowledge, Microsoft Credits, recommendations, and referrals. 

africa data school


Sign up now to get started on the 12-week intensive program. You can also visit the website for more information on the next cohort admissions. Alternatively, you can reach out to them at admissions@africadataschool.com.

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