7 Reasons To Switch to Minds Social Network

The security of our data is very important and data breaches tend to costly. In 2020, data breaches cost industries worldwide about $4 million. therefore, there is a need for a secure network to communicate and reach out to your audience. Minds social network is gaining much popularity.  

What is Minds Social Network?

Minds social network is a free social media platform that uses blockchain technology that earns users tokens for being part of the network. The platform rewards you with tokens that you can trade to increase your reach or to get premium services. You can also by creating content or making referrals.

It uses blockchain benefits to improve the user experience and benefits.  The social network is like Facebook, but it offers more, and their business models differ.

What makes Minds stand out?

  • It’s open-source and transparent therefore allows its users to be part of the team.
  • Privacy is high at Minds since it hosts an encrypted chat system.
  • Minds rewards its users with points for just being there, thus giving value for time.
  • The full reach of content to every follower.
  • It offers free and paid accounts.
  • Its management does not enforce political or social bias.
  • Member’s data is not monetised like other social platforms.

1. Privacy / Protection of User Data

Minds promises to protect private information of users. There are more casesof privacy breach coming into light. In 2019 alone businesses suffered losses worth almost $4 million due to data breaches. It is important to employ appropriate security measures especially for businesses with an online presence. Messages on Minds social network are end to end encrypted to secure user data. The end to end encryption also means those who work in the company don’t get access to private information.

2. Monetisation  

Monetization is a major feature in Minds because the content creators and advertisers will enjoy fair payment by permitting memberships and pay from referrals. These features draw high traffic of people on the application. It’s among the top crypto applications that are will be doing well in the market due to this although it has not gotten there.

3. Guaranteed traffic

Minds  offers  users a wide reach which is a great advantage. When you post content on Minds, it gets to 100% of your supporters on their feed. The social network does not have any backend manipulation because it runs on block chain technology. Blockchain will bring numerous advantages to businesses and the market in the following two years, and perhaps the greatest beneficiary will be Minds. 

4. The Cryptocurrency Advantage

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Minds social network uses blockchain innovation which allows you to send and receive money using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Etherium. Connect your account to various crypto wallets like MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase. Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing form of currency. Moreover, it makes transactions easier, faster, and more secure among other benefits. 

5. Efficiency

It offers increased efficiency because of its decentralised nature. Blockchain eliminates agents’ requirements in numerous cycles for fields like payments and land. Property transactions are made more effective with an organised system of possession records and keen agreements that would automate tenant and landlord arrangements. It also eliminates any fraud or insecure activities that arise when using intermediaries in businesses.

6. Reliability in Tracing data

There is improved traceability because blockchain keeps records or hashes each time trade occurs. There is a review trail available to follow where the merchandise came,. It helps improve security and manage extortion in exchange-related.organisations However, it can help confirm the credibility of the exchanged goods.

7. Minds Social Network Offers Value for Your Time

Time management is core in business and even running our daily errands. The platform provides its users value for their time by offering tokens for signing up and engaging in the network. As a business owner, yourHowever, many peopled as you run the business on the platform. Users earn tokens by;

  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Likes
  • Referral links

The popularity of Minds is still growing. Those who adopt the network early stand to benefit more.


Minds is an ideal platform for various content creators. furthermore, it is a secure network that runs on blockchain technology. Sign up today to enjoy the secure end to end network. 

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