7 Tips on how to reach out to a Radio Station and a DJ

Despite being in an age when playlists are key and there is instant access to music, the radio and dj remains effective in reaching the masses. As a musician, you need to consider a lot when it comes to the marketing of your music. You need a social media platform where your fan base can follow you and your music. But also, you need the radio to aid in getting your music (and name) to new people.


However, it is not that easy to get your song to be played by the radio – let alone a DJ. DJs playing your song could turn many into your fans, but fast you need to get your music to be played. So, let us look at how to get radio stations and DJs to get your music out to their audiences, hence, increasing your reach and getting their fans to be yours too.

What should you consider when reaching out to radio stations and DJs? We shall look at a few things that will set you apart from the rest, in terms of how you make contact and make you more professionally appealing. Let’s begin, shall we?

Personalize your email

Instead of spamming a bunch of DJs and radio stations, you might want to take time to write a proper email that sets you apart. You can include a short bio. Describe briefly the songwriting and the process of recording the single or album. If there has been coverage of your record anywhere, it won’t hurt including it in the bio.

You should also include within the package, a picture of you or your band. Faces endorse familiarity which creates a more personal connection. Sending a photo may even help you get recognized and therefore increase your chances of getting airplay for your music.

Label your tracks properly

When sending a CD, make it a point to input the metadata for the track names, artist name, and an album that are on it. Doing this goes a long way to make it easier for the recipient to know what to play, even if they are in a hurry.

Your tracks with a meaningless file name will most probably be discarded if the recipient doesn’t know what you’ve sent them. No professional DJ or station host would like to manually enter information for your music into their system.

Send professionally produced music to the dj or radio stations

It may be hard to judge the quality of your music, but you should not send sub-par material to radio stations and DJs. The fact that you have competition should be enough incentive to sharpen your skills and make better songs. When it comes to playing songs in playlists and mixes, it easier to work with songs without long silences at the beginning of songs. Avoid them at all costs.

An effective way to judge the quality of your song is by referencing it against high-quality tracks in the same genre you are producing. Radio stations and DJs are obliged to play music that they presume their audience would like. If your music isn’t as interesting and up to standards, they won’t play it.

Dj pools can assist in sending high-quality music.

Contact the right people

It might be tempting and convenient to search the emails of any DJ or radio station and send them your song. However, you are advised to do otherwise. Find the DJs or radio stations that play songs from the genre in which you create your music. Sending to others is a waste of time and effort.

DJs play songs they like. You can do some research on the radio station or DJ to find out if they will like it or not. You can personally approach the radio hosts or DJs during events, though it may be hard. An easier way is to reach out through social media. Network with people in the industry to make it even easier for them to notice you.

Use a “plugger”

You might be making good music, but getting no radio airplay. I think it’s time to get a person that could get you some airplay – plugger. A plugger acts as a mediator between yourself and the DJ or radio stations. Being industry professionals, they have a long list of contacts that they gather over many years.

With their influence, they can get a DJ to play your song or get a radio station to take note of you. Hire a plugger now, they will help get your name out there.

Packaging is key

It is said that “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This was said because it is a natural human tendency to be attracted by outward appearances before analyzing the contents. DJs and radio professionals take their work very seriously. It would, therefore, be unprofessional to send a CD-R in a sleeve, with just your name or the name of your band.

What if you haven’t released an album yet? Here is my advice to you. It would be more professional of you to send a link or download code to your song rather than a disc with your name penned in marker. You also should add a PDF of the song information along with the link. If you have released an album, you have more to show, and you should do so in a presentable manner.

Ask politely for feedback

Sadly, many professional DJs are busy and may not have time to help out everyone. If they don’t get back to you, chances are that they might have listened but they weren’t so intrigued. Asking for feedback some days later will show your determination and may get their attention. You must remember to be polite in your request. If the

In conclusion, you should work hard to sharpen your skills. Then the second step is presenting your material in the most professional yet captivating way. Make use of all channels you can get to reach the DJ or radio stations. Lastly, hope that your work will be enough to be played.

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