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Political parties in Kenya – A list of 75 great political Parties in Kenya 2021

There have been many political parties in Kenya since the country became a multi-party political state in December 1991. Parliament repealed the one-party political system under section 2(A) of the constitution at the time. In 2007, there were 160 registered political parties. Currently, there are about 75 political parties. 

In this article, we will discuss the various political parties in Kenya covering their party symbol, leader, and a little background information. 

The 75 Political Parties in Kenya

The following are the registered political parties in Kenya:

1. NARC-Kenya (NARC-K)

Party Leader: Martha Karua

Symbol: Flower

The National Rainbow Coalition (NARC-Kenya) began in 2005. It is based on the principles of the rule of law. NARC’s mission is to achieve social justice. The party launched after the defeat of the draft constitution, which was government-sponsored. Its founding members were previously part of NARC. 

NARC-Kenya’s first election was a success as they won 3 parliamentary seats. The party was originally affiliated with the Party of National Unity (PNU) before they registered separately. NARC-Kenya was the first party to register after the new Political Parties Act was passed.  

2. The National Vision Party (NVP)

Party Leader: Engineer Richard Chelimo

Symbol: Light House

Slogan: Haki Umoja na Ustawi (Justice, Unity, and Resourcefulness)

The National Vision Party is a political child of former cabinet Minister the late Nicholas Biwott. He founded it in 2008 after failing to take leadership of Kenya African National Union (KANU) from Uhuru Kenyatta. In December 2012, NVP joined a coalition with KANU, New Ford Kenya, and United Democratic Movement to field a single presidential candidate for the 2013 elections. 

3. Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)

Party Leader: Ababu Namwamba

Symbol: Star

Website: http://www.labourpartykenya.org/

LPK aims to achieve social and economic justice, equality, community solidarity and freedom, equity and meritocracy, good governance, transparency and accountability, hard work and selflessness, and respect for the rule of law. Julia Auma Ojiambo founded the party in March 1998. The party’s main goal was to bridge “what is” and “what ought to be.”

4. Mwangaza Tu Party (MP)

Party Leader: Hon. David Wakahu 

Symbol: Nyumba (House)

Mwangaza Tu was formerly Chama Cha Mwangaza Daima which was founded in 1992. The party’s policy is to promote, defend, and advance the political, social, economic, civil, and cultural rights in Kenya. It aims to offer service without discrimination based on ethnic, cultural, religious, social, regional, or other backgrounds.

5. Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK)

Party Leader: Harun Mwau

Symbol: Child

PICK was formed in 1992 by John Harun Mwau, a former Olympic Shooter. The party has enjoyed minor success in the political field. It won one parliamentary seat in the 1992 general elections and two seats in the 2007 general elections. 

6. Restore and Build Kenya (RBK)

Party Leader: Lenny Kivuti

Symbol: The Rising Sun

Restore and Build Kenya launched in April 2012 by former Permanent Secretary Professor James Ole Kiyapi . The party was to back his presidential bid for the 2013 general elections. His presidential bid focused on changing the country by ending corruption and emphasizing development through environmental and educational conservation. 

7. Kenya National Congress (KNC)

Party Leader: Peter Kenneth

Symbol: Key

Kenya National Congress was formed in 1991 because of a split in Ford-Asili. The party’s mission is to create a people-driven government that is consultative and participatory. It also wants to build a free economy and ensure equitable distribution of income and wealth in a secure environment. 

8. Mazingira Greens Party of Kenya (MGPK)

Party Leader: 

Symbol: Tree

Mazingira Greens Party of Kenya was formerly known as the Liberal Party of Kenya (LPK). The word ‘mazingira’ is a Swahili word that means environment. The founder was Wangari Maathai, who was also the party leader up until she passed on. Professor Wangari Maathai won a Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to the environment.  

9. National Democratic Movement (NDM)

Party Leader: 

Symbol: Sunflower

The NDM party seeks to usher in a new dawn of politics. It aims to build a country that is free, fair, and just. The party also claims to be ‘Chama Cha Wananchi’ which means a ‘party for the citizens’. 

10. Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya (WDM-K)

Party Leader: Kalonzo Musyoka

Symbol: Umbrella

Wiper Democratic Movement was previously ODM-Kenya. It was formed in August 2007 when Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka split. Former Vice President Kalonzo used it to back his presidential bid in 2007 and after that. The party was also part of the NASA opposition in the National Super Alliance (NASA), formed in 2017. Wiper, however, recently split from the alliance in 2021. 

11. Democratic Party of Kenya (DP)

Party Leader: Justin  Muturi

Symbol: Lantern

The Democratic Party was formed in 1991 by Mwai Kibaki and John Keen. It was part of the NARC coalition in the 2002 elections that saw Mwai Kibaki win the presidency. The Democratic Party was also part of the Party of National Unity (PNU) which helped President Kibaki get a second term in the 2007 general elections. 

12. Party of National Unity (PNU)

Party Leader: Mwai Kibaki.

Symbol: Two torches with flames

Former President Mwai Kibaki formed PNU on 16 September 2007 as a coalition of many parties including KANU, Ford-Kenya, Narc-Kenya, Ford-People, Democratic Party, National Alliance Party of Kenya, Shirikisho, and more. President Kibaki used the coalition to bid for the December 2007 general elections, which he won. It is currently revamping itself to make another presidential bid in the coming 2022 elections. 

13. United Democratic Alliance(UDA)

Party Leader: William Ruto, PhD

Symbol: Wheelbarrow

UDA was originally known as the Party of Development and Reforms before it changed to the United Democratic Alliance in December 2020. The party leader is the current deputy president of Kenya. He intends to run as the party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming 2022 general elections. 

14. Agano Party (AP)

Party Leader: David Mwaure Waihigia

Symbol: Lamb

Slogan: Njia Mpya Mambo Mapya (New way new things)

Website: http://www.aganoparty.com/

Agano Party was founded in 2006. ‘Agano’ is a Swahili word that means pledge, covenant, agreement, testament, or promise. Their vision is to help Kenya become a nation of peace, unity, liberty, justice, plenty, and blessings. They also aim to help Kenyans achieve the dream and vision of independence, also present in the national anthem. 

To become a member, you need to be a Kenyan citizen, at least 18 years old, and agree with the party’s dream and vision to build a nation of peace, unity, liberty, justice, plenty, and blessings.

15. Kenya Social Congress (KSC)

Party Leader: 

Symbol: Broom

George non-consecutive founded Kenya Social Congress in 1992 to oppose the rule of President Moi’s KANU. He had served three non-consecutive sentences of two years each in the governments of Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi. Anyona was expected to become a member of Ford-Kenya but instead formed the KSC. The party has had little success in the elections and has not won any seats. KSC was intertwined with George Anyona, which means that after his death in 2003, it has struggled even more as it could not find investors.  

16. Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

Party Leader: Raila Odinga

Symbol: Orange

Motto: Tuko Tayari (We are ready)

Website: ODM

ODM was part of a movement to oppose the 2005 Kenyan Constitutional Referendum. It has been one of the main political parties in Kenya on the opposition side. ODM is also one of the largest political parties in Kenya. The movement separated into the Wiper Democratic Movement and ODM in August 2007. ODM got the name orange from the ballot paper symbols in the referendum. Orange stood for a ‘NO’ vote while banana stood for a ‘yes’. ODM is a party that advocates for reforms, democracy, and social justice. 

17. Peoples Party of Kenya (PPK)

Party Leader: Jacob Wangai Gitau

Symbol: Microphone

PPK was formed in 1996. It won a single seat in parliament for the 2007 general elections. The party failed to win a parliament seat in the 2013 general elections. However, they had council seats in Meru, Makueni, and Kitui counties. 

18. Forum For Restoration of Democracy-Kenya (FORD-KENYA)

Party Leader: Moses Wetangula

Symbol: Lion

FORD-Kenya was born out of a leadership struggle in FORD. FORD split into FORD-Asili and FORD-Kenya led by Kenneth Matiba and Oginga Odinga respectively. FORD-Kenya also had a power struggle in 1997 between Michael Wamalwa Kijana and Raila Odinga. Wamalwa won the leadership in party elections. He would also become President Kibaki’s vice-president in 2002. FORD-Kenya was part of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) in the 2013 general elections alongside ODM, NARC, and Wiper Democratic Movement. It was part of the National Super Alliance (NASA) in the 2017 general elections. 

19. Progressive Party of Kenya (PPOK)

Party Leader: Evans Misati

Symbol: Battery Torch

Slogan: Mwangaza (Light)

PPOK was formed in September 2006 by Evans Misati. The party’s vision is to create, sustain, nurture, and sustain Kenya’s socio-economic and political growth. Their mission is to provide a democratic government that enhances economic and social improvement. 

20. Jubilee Party (JP) (Largest Political Party in Kenya)

Party Leader: Uhuru Kenyatta

Symbol: Clasped hands

Website: Jubilee Party

The Jubilee Party is currently the ruling political party in Kenya currently. It was formed on 8th September 2016 when 11 smaller political parties merged making it one of the largest political parties in Kenya. The party leader and deputy party leader (William Ruto) are the President and vice president, respectively. Jubilee Party is currently under threat of falling apart due to in-house disagreements. 

21. Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)

Party Leader: Matula Osborn

Symbol: Makasi (Scissors)

MDP was formed in 2007. The party nominated eight candidates in the 2013 general elections and only won one seat. Moses Malulu Injendi won the parliamentary seat in Malava. The party claims to be 100% community, movement, community-run, community-funded, and community-influenced. It aims to empower young people and women politically and economically.

22. National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)

Party Leader: Charity Ngilu

Symbol: Traditional African Torch with a rainbow

NARC is one of the oldest political parties in Kenya. It is also one of the most successful political parties in Kenya. NARC started as an alliance between the National Alliance Party of Kenya and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Their presidential candidate in the 2002 elections, Mwai Kibaki, won by a huge margin against KANU’s Uhuru Kenyatta. The party split because of disagreements between LDP members and those loyal to Kibaki. LDP members lost their government positions, and they joined ODM. NARC joined Jubilee Party in the 2013 elections. 

23. Kenya African Democratic Union-Asili (KADU-ASILI)

Party Leader: Gerald Iha Thoya

Symbol: Coconut tree

KADU-ASILI was formed in 2006. The party has had little success. In the 2007 general elections, they nominated 19 candidates for the National Assembly but only won one seat. They also won one seat in the 2013 general elections after nominating 15 candidates. 

24. Kenya Patriots Party (KPP)

Party Leader: Justin Muturi

Symbol: Wheel 

Slogan: Umoja Wa Wakenya (Unity of Kenyans)

KPP was formerly Chama cha Mwananchi (Party for the Citizen) formed with Koigi wa Wamwere, a Nakuru politician. It has a stronghold in the Mount Kenya East region, especially in Meru county. It has six elected Members of the County Assembly (MCA) in Meru and 3 nominated MCAs.

25. Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)

Party Leader: Mwandawiro Mghanga

Symbol: Sickle and Hammer

Website: CPK

Johnstone Makau formed the Communist Party of Kenya in 1992. It was previously known as the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The party nominated Charity Ngilu for the presidency in 1997 and James Orengo in the 2002 elections, but both candidates. It won 15 parliament seats in the 2002 elections. They did not win any seats in the next consecutive elections. The party is committed to uniting all Kenyans and creating a society with freedom, human rights, and the development of all citizens.  

26. Kenya African National Union (KANU)

Party Leader: Gideon Moi

Symbol: Cockerel

KANU was previously known as Kenya African Union (KAU), active between 1944 to 1952. It is one of the oldest political parties in Kenya. The colonial government banned it from 1952 to 1962. James Gichuru reestablished KAU in 1960 and merged it with the Kenya Independence Movement created by Tom Mboya. After the merger on 14th May 1960, KAU became KANU. KANU was the ruling party from 1963 to 2002. The party joined UDM, National Vision Party, and New Ford Kenya to nominate a single presidential candidate in the 2013 general elections. KANU operates on a mixed market economic policy.

27. Safina Party (SAFINA)

Party Leader: Paul Muite

Symbol: Safina (Ark)

Safina Party was founded by Lawyer Paul Muite and conservationists and palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey. The electoral com harassed the party, and its application to be a recognized political party was not approved until 1997. Leakey served as head of the civil service and a Cabinet Secretary in 1999. Muite is a former Member of Parliament who also ran for the presidency in 2013 but lost. 

28. Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU)

Party Leader: Maur Bwanamaka

Symbol: Whistle

CCU was established in 2004. Its former party leaders are Wavinya Ndeti, the first woman to win a parliamentary seat in Kathiani Constituency, and Kiogi Wamwere. The Party won two seats in the 2007 general elections and only one Parliament seat in the 2017 elections. It joined the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) ahead of the 2017 general elections. 

29. National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK)

Party Leader: 

Symbol: Teacher

NAPK was formed after the Serena Peace talks after the 2007 election violence. The party claims that the Agenda 4 issues discussed in the talks are yet to be solved. Its mission is to join Kenyans together and resolve these issues. 

30. People’s Empowerment Party (PEP)

Party Leader: Watson Simiyu

Symbol: Elephant

PEP is a party that aims to provide participatory governance that features homegrown solutions for community issues. They have the vision to become a voice for the voiceless and politically empower the politically marginalized. It was formed by the late Laikipia Senator Geofrey Gitahi Kariuki. 

31. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Party Leader: Omingo Magara

Symbol: Traditional African Banjo

PDP was formed in 1992. They won one parliamentary seat in the 2007 elections, another in the 2013 elections, and two in the 2017 elections. The party also won a gubernatorial seat in the 2017 elections. There have been several members who have defected to ODM, but the party is still strong. 

32. The New Democrats (TND)

Party Leader: Dr Thuo Mathenge

Symbol: Bridge

TND is a political party that focuses on delivering issue-centred politics. They intend their governance to give the citizens better hospitals, schools, security, building a modern welfare state, and equipping the country for a new world economy. The party has representation in both the national and county assemblies. 

33. United Democratic Movement (UDM)

Party Leader: Philip Murugor

Symbol: A crane

KANU renegades started UDM in 1999. President Moi denied the party registration at the time, and many of its members went to other parties. The party allied with Raila Odinga’s ODM to support him for his 2007 presidential bid. It later agreed to join the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD). Philip Murgor used the party to sponsor his presidential ticket in the 2013 elections but lost.

34. Shirikisho Party of Kenya (SPK)

Party Leader: Chirau Ali Mwakwere

Symbol: Fish

Shirikisho is a Swahili word for federation or union. The party started in 1997, and its primary influence is in the coast region. The party won one legislative seat in the 2002 elections and didn’t win any 2007 elections. However, they were part of Mwai Kibaki’s PNU, which won the 2007 presidential election. 

35. Party of Democratic Unity (PDU)

Party Leader: Isaiah Gichu Ndirangu

Symbol: Drum

PDU officially registered as a party in august 2008. However, they only got their certificate in 2011 and renewed it in 2012. PDU seeks to transform politics to be issue-based rather than personality-based. They aim to contribute positively to the country’s social, economic, cultural, and political well-being. 

36. Millenium Party of Kenya (MPK)

Party Leader: Professor Rachel Kemunto Gesami

Symbol: Train

The Millenium Party of Kenya is part of history as it backed one of the only six women to run for the presidency in Kenya. Prof Rachel Kemunto Gesami has been their presidential candidate. There are very few women-led parties in the country, and MPK inspires other women out there. 

37. Frontier Alliance Party (FAP)

Party Leader: Ukur Yatani

Symbol: A milking guard

Slogan: Sote Pamoja (All of us together or united)

The Frontier Alliance Party was established in 1960. It endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta in the previous elections. The Party leader was the previous Governor for Marsabit. Frontier Alliance Party seeks to deliver sound and just leadership by focusing on the country’s founding principles, including love, peace, and harmony. 

38. Farmers Party (FP)

Secretary-General: Maryam Obondo Otieno 

Symbol: Maize Plant

The Farmers Party of Kenya was set up in 2007. They did not win any seats in the 2007 and 2013 elections. The party also failed to win any seats in the 2017 election and did not have any presidential candidates. 

39. Economic Freedom Party (EFP)

Party Leader: Issak Hassan Abbey

Symbol: Acacia Tree

The Economic Freedom Party started in March 2017. The founders are Politicians from Mandera who were formerly members of the United Republic Party (URP) and the Jubilee Party. EFP won five seats in the National Assembly during the 2017 general elections. 

40. Federal Party of Kenya (FPK)

Party Leader: Andrew Kutitila

Symbol: Fist

FPK is a party that aims to establish a constitutional government that unites all Kenyans. The party participated in the 2013 and 2017 elections. It failed to win a seat in the 2013 elections but won three parliament seats and one Senate seat in the 2017 elections. 

41. Muungano Party (MUUNGANO)

Party Leader: Kivutha Kibwana

Symbol: Two interlocking rings

Muungano Party was formed in 2007 and nominated only candidate for the national assembly but failed to win the seat. They won a single seat in the 2013 elections and one Gubernatorial seat. Kivutha Kibwana became the first Makueni government through a Muungano Party ticket but defected to Wiper in February 2017. However, he lost his seat in the 2017 elections. The Muungano Party won one national assembly in that election. Kivutha Kibwna rejoined Muungano in August 2021, and the party reinstated him as the leader. 

42. National Party of Kenya (FPK)

Party Leader: Charity Ngilu

Symbol:  Book

NPK was formed in 1992, and Charity Ngilu was its chairperson. The party joined the National Rainbow Coalition in the 2002 elections and won 6 out of the 125 seats won by the coalition. It also supported Mwai Kibaki in the same elections, and he won to become Kenya’s third president. 

43. Jirani Mzalendo Asili Party of Kenya (J-MAPK)

Party Leader: George Mwithi

Symbol: Kiatu (Shoe)

J-MAPK was formerly known as Mzalendo Saba Saba and was associated with the Late politician Kenneth Matiba. It rebranded the name in 2021, ahead of the 2022 elections. The party supported Dr Moses Mwangi in the Murang’a Gubernatorial elections in 2013 and 2017 but lost to Mwangi Wa Iria. 

44. Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM)

Party Leader: Isaac Ruto

Symbol:  The Trumpet

Chama Cha Mashinani in Swahili means a party for the rural areas. CCM is a party that believes in the prudent use of resources, cooperative governance, participatory democracy, and the principles of devolution. The party is currently facing turbulence as at least 50 members have defected to William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ahead of the 2022 general elections. 

45. Alliance for Real Change (ARC)

Party Leader: Mohammed Abduba Dida

Symbol:  Aeroplane

ARC was established in 2010 but got a certificate of registration in 2010. The party aims to provide governance based on truth. It also intends to promote and protect social, cultural, religious, political, economic, and civil rights. Dida ran for president in the 2013 elections but failed to win. 

46. Forum for Republican Democracy (FORD)

Vice-Party leader: 

Symbol: Two Fingers Raised

FORD is one of the oldest political parties in Kenya as it was formed in 1991 by politicians who opposed the one-party system where KANU was the only party. Before the 1992 elections, FORD split into FORD-Kenya and FORD-ASILI. Asili is a Swahili word for natural or original. Kenneth Matiba was FORD ASILI’s Party leader and came second in the 1992 presidential race. 

In 1997 FORD ASILI only won one seat in parliament. In 2002, they were part of the NARC coalition that helped Mwai Kibaki win the presidency. The party supported Kibaki again by supporting PNU in the 2007 elections. 

47. Republican Liberty Party (RLP) 

Party Leader: 

Symbol: The Horse

RLP started as a movement in the 1960s. Dr Lihanda Savai started it in Athens, Greece. It aims to champion real liberty and democracy in Africa. The party was originally known as the Kenya Republican Reformation Party. Dr Savai’s nomination papers to run for president were turned down in 2002 by the electoral commission. Zacharia Momanyi was also turned away in the 2007 elections. They opted to support PNU in the elections their candidate, Mwai Kibaki, won. RLP believes in Democratic Collectivism, Pan Africanism, and African Family Values. 

48. Roots Party of Kenya (RPK)

Party Leader: Prof George Wajackoyah

Symbol:  Roots/tree

Slogan: Tingiza Miti

Prof George Wjackoyah leads roots Party of Kenya. He is its presidential candidate for the upcoming 2022 general elections. The party targets the marginalized community. They have had little success in the elections. It recently opted to adopt door-to-door campaigns as its strategies for a recent by-election. 

49. Citizen’s Convention Party (CCP)

Party Leader: Samwel Rukahu

Symbol:  Fishing Net

CCP has recently announced changing its name to Ubuntu People’s Forum. Grace Akumu previously led it from May 2014. Other allies to the Nakuru governor took over the party leadership. However, Governor Lee Kinyajui has not yet confirmed that he will be involved with the party. He stated that he intended to keep Nakuru on the national scope in the coming general elections. 

50. Amani National Congress (ANC)

Party Leader: Musalia Mudavadi

Symbol: Olive Branch 

Musalia Mudavadi formed ANC in 2015 after leaving the United Democratic Forum (UDF) Party. Around 300 UDF members from Nairobi joined Mudavadi’s party. ANC joined the National Super Alliance Party, which supported Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in the 2017 elections. The party won 14 parliament seats and three seats in the senate. It is fourth on the list of the largest political parties in Kenya in parliament. The party leader Musalia Mudavadi is bidding for the presidency in the 2022 elections. 

51. Devolution Party of Kenya (DPK) 

Party Leader: 

Symbol:  Tap with running water

DPK was formed by former Kaloleni MP, the late Gunga Mwinga, in 2017 when they defected from KADU-ASILI. The party believes that devolution is what the country needs to solve its major issues. DPK is currently associated with Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi. 

52. United Democratic Party (UDP)

Party Leader: Cyrus Jirongo 

Symbol: Shield

Cyrus Jirongo is a former Member of Parliament and a leader of UDP. He ran for president in the 2017 general elections and only got 11,000 votes. 0.07% of the total. Jirongo came in fifth place out of six candidates. 

53. Diligence Development Alliance (DDP)

Party Leader: Hon Jaffer Isaak

Symbol:  Ostrich

DDA is a party that intends to be a voice for the silent majority. The party got its certificate of registration in March 2016. DDP claimed on their Facebook page not to support a candidate in the 2017 general elections. 

54. People’s Trust Party

Party Leader: John Mutua Katuku

Symbol: Bicycle

The People’s Trust Party was formed in 2017. Its vision is to bring Kenyans together to make change possible. The slogan is “Pamoja Twaweza’ which means ‘together we can’ in Swahili. PTP was part of the National Super Alliance that supported Raila Odinga in his presidential campaign. 

55. Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCCP)

Party Leader: Alfred Mutua

Symbol:  Road

Dr Alfred Mutua, the Governor of Machakos, formed Maendeleo Chap Chap Party on August 25th, 2016. The party supported President Uhuru Kenyatta in his campaign for reelection in 2017. They won four seats in the National Assembly, and Alfred Mutua was reelected as Machakos Governor. 

56. Democratic Congress (DC)

Party Leader: Tom J. Mboya

Symbol:  Butterfly

Democratic Congress was formed in 2015. The mission of the party is to provide effective and transformational leadership. DC also claims to mirror the vibrancy and diversity of the country. They also claim to draw their values from the constitution, for example, integrity, respect, inclusivity, and diversity. 

57. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Party Leader: Raila Odinga 

Symbol: Satellite Dish

Raila Odinga established LDP when he left KANU.In the 2002 elections, the party had 59 MPs. It was also part of NARC, which won the presidential election. LDP was part of the ODM movement in the 2007 elections. In these elections, LDP sent all its candidates through ODM rather than their name. 

58. Green Congress of Kenya (GCK)

Party Leader: Martin Ogindo

Symbol: Green Trees

GCK aims to create a just, equitable, and sustainable society. They believe in giving everyone an equal voice. The party seeks to build a political system where the public comes first, and everyone gets a fair share of resources and opportunities. 

59. National Liberal Party (NLP)

Party Leader: Kennedy Mong’are

Symbol:  Giraffe

Former Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are unveiled the National Liberal Party (NLP) ahead of the 2017 general elections. He intended to use the party’s ticket to run for the presidency. However, he did not vie for the presidency. NLP is a party that believes in constitutionalism and democracy. They intend to guide the citizens to better constitutional knowledge.

60. Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG)

Party Leader: David Ouma Ochieng’

Symbol: A Half Scale of Justice

MDG was formed in 2017 by politicians from the Nyanza region. Most of the founders are former members of the Orange Democratic Movement. The party aims to be the home of democracy, change, development, and the voice of Kenya. 

61. Alternative Leadership Party of Kenya (ALPK)

Party Leader: Gerry Owiti

Symbol: Burning candle

The Alternative Leadership Party of Kenya is led by Gerry Owiti, who is a former ODM enthusiast. The party seems to support the opposition. There is little known information about the party, like when it was formed, its members, mission, and values. 

62. Ukweli Party (UP)

Party Leader: Boniface Mwangi

Symbol: U-shaped Sugarcane

Ukweli Party is a political organization that seeks to provide competent and democratic governance to citizens. They intend to create a pro-people social, economic, cultural, and political system. Their vision for a better Kenya is where there is dignity, freedom, and a government that cares for its citizens. 

63. Empowerment and Liberation Party (ELP)

Party Leader:

Symbol: Tushikane

ELP is a centre-left political organization of the young and progressive. A centre-left organization falls on the left-wing of the political spectrum but is closer to the middle than other left-wing politics. Such parties are well known for opposing the wide gap between the rich and the poor. ELP believes in modern-day liberalism and politics that work for the “benefits of the many not the few”. 

64. Thirdway Alliance Party of Kenya (TAK)

Party Leader: Dr. Ekuru Akot

Symbol: Camel

The Thirdway Alliance Party of Kenya is a party that works to create progressive and transformational politics in Kenya. Dr Ekuru Akot, its leader, was a presidential candidate in the 2017 general elections. He sponsored the Punguza Mzigo Bill and got enough signatures and approval from the IEBC and the high court to go into county assemblies for debate. The party is also associated with Miguna Miguna, a famous lawyer in exile. However, he recently stepped down from the party. 

65. Justice and Freedom Party (JFP)

Party Leader: Justus Juma

Symbol:  A hand holding a freedom torch

Justice Freedom Party claims to be the new engine to revive Kenya’s politics and economy. The party leader, Justus Juma, intended to run for the presidency in the 2017 general elections, but the IEBC failed to clear his certificates. JFP is actively involved in community building efforts such as helping people with disabilities in partnership with Westminster Fund for Democracy and the Kenya Inclusive Political Parties Program. 

66. Grand Dream and Development Party (GDDP)

Party Leader: Fabian Muli Kyule

Symbol:  A sack of Dreams

GDDP is a party that believes in and commits itself to unite Kenyans. They minted to create avenues for Kenyans to express their needs and get proper representation from their leaders. The party stands for unity, hope, strength, and economic development. 

67. United Green Movement (UGM)

Party Leader: Agostinho Neto and Chelagat Torome

Symbol:  Unity of Purpose

UGM is a relatively new party as it got registered in 2019. The party’s mission is to build a society and state where Kenyans have a better life and live with harmony in the environment. Their vision is to build a peaceful, united, and prosperous nation where citizens realize their social, economic and democratic rights. 

68. Civic Renewal Party (CRP)

Party Leader: Mwangi Wa Iria

Symbol: Cow and Milking Can

CRP was registered in 2019 and is led by the current Murang’a governor, Mwangi Wa Iria. The party is dedicated to helping improve the lives of all Kenyans. There has been speculation that Governor Mwangi Wa Iria intends to use the party to run for the presidency in 2022. 

69. Party of Economic Democracy (PED)

Party Leader: Eliki Tom Musamali

Symbol:  Radio

The Party of Economic Democracy got registered in 2020. It was formed to reach out to and help the youth and women.  It is present in at least 27 counties from the Central, Eastern, Rift Valley, and Nyanza regions. 

70. The Service Party (TSP)

Party Leader: Mwangi Kiunjuri

Symbol:  Red Heart Encircled in Blue

TSP is a national grassroots party that provides political leadership and influences with the common good, social justice, and inclusivity. The party is determined to become a voice of reason on all levels of government in the country. TSP’s mission is also to create long term value for the people, especially those at a disadvantage due to emerging and systemic inequalities. 

71. National Ordinary People Empowerment Union (NOPEU)

Party Leader: Rodgers Kimpembe Mpuru

Symbol: Ladder

NOPEU is one of the newest political parties in Kenya as it was established in June 2020. It is a party that dedicates its efforts to promote people’s lives by developing opportunities and significant empowerment. They also promise to work with young aspiring leaders from various areas to help them make a difference in their different communities. The party’s vision is to deliver unrivalled services and invaluable personnel solutions. 

72. National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA)

Party Leader: Amemba Magufuli

Symbol:  Eagle

NRA is a political party that intends to build a people-centred party that reconstructs the country’s social, economic, and political fabric. The party intends to mainstream the participation of women, youth, and people with disabilities. NRA is one of the newest political parties in Kenya and was registered in February 2021. 

73. Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAPK)

Party Leader: David Simiyu Muchele

Symbol: Fertilizer

DAPK started in 2017 but was actualized in 2019. The party’s mission is to enhance a social and democratic society to give Kenyans a better life as individuals or communities. They also intend to sustain and nurture a democratic government to enhance social, economic, and political welfare.  

74. Party for Peace and Democracy (PPD)

Party Leader: Bernard Makau Kavyu

Symbol: Red Ribbon

PPD got their certificate recently in 2021. The party’s mission is to influence a paradigm shift in Kenya’s politics by pushing for pro-people politics. Its ideology focuses on finding a new way of doing things to manage the issues Kenyans are facing. 

75. Chama Cha Kazi (CCK)

Party Leader: Moses Kuria

Symbol: Overall in a blue and red circle

CCK got its registration certificate in August 2021. Moses Kuria formed it after leaving the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP). The party had also set a precedent when the leader recently claimed that they would not nominate anyone above 45 years for the MCA position. 


Kenya has a total of 75 registered political parties. They are in order of registration, but the numbers are not their actual certificate number. For example, Chama Cha Kazi holds certificate number 087. It is because many parties have dissolved as time goes by. We will update any changes to the list as necessary. Let us know any relevant information we may have missed.