9 Pet Business Opportunities

The pet industry is a large industry that is still growing rapidly. It is worth more than $70 billion per annum. There are many factors that influence growth of the pet business. One of these factors is that the young generation (Generation Z and Millenials) is rapidly embracing pet-loving. Furthermore, it is one of the hobbies you can use to make money. 

The pet industry has many investment opportunities. You can choose to invest in the pets themselves, pet food, grooming, training, pet sitting, and more. We came into contact with Pupshub Founder Sarah Wanjiru to present the list of opportunities in the pet industry. I am also a new pet owner and this has given me a lot of insight into the various pet business opportunities out there. 

9 Pet Business Opportunities

  1. Pet Breeding

Pet breeding would be the most obvious opportunity. It basically involves raising and selling pets. Generation Z and Millenials are embracing pet-raising culture. This also has a lot of influence on the older generations. It even gets to a point where each member of the family wants their own pet. 

Pet breeding can open up more opportunities in the pet industry. You can inspire new pet owners like me to purchase from you. Alternatively, you can venture into other pet business opportunities listed below. For example, Pupshub has an accessories package that includes items like a leash, a collar, and more depending on your needs and specifications. Their package usually ranges around $30 (3,000 KES). This amount could increase or decrease in what you order for your package. 

  1. Food and Treats

Treats and Food are the first necessity. They are the basic need for the survival of your pet. You can venture into the sale of these foods to earn income. Pet food may be cost-efficient to customers like Pupshub, but it sure generates a lot of income. 

In the United States alone, pet food expenditure was valued at $30.32 billion in 2018. Miss Wanjiru also notes that treats are also very important to your pet. She advises that they not only keep the pet happy, but they also promote good behavior.

  1. Pet Supplies and Accessories

Pet supplies and accessories are a necessity for all pet owners. They serve different purposes such as:

  • Care. Supplies and accessories for pet care could include shampoos or brushes. 
  • Control. These are supplies that will help you control your pet. Examples include pet beds, invisible fences, collars, and leashes. Pet housing, for example, kennels, is a booming business in the pet industry. 
  • Entertainment. A pet also needs entertainment. The main products to fulfill this purpose are pet toys. Miss Wanjiru notes that puppies and dogs can get a little destructive with their claws and advises you to puppy proof your house. She notes that toys are one of the more effective methods.  
  • Learning. Pet owners may need to purchase various accessories to help their pets learn and train. For example, you may need protective gear to help give your dog attack training. 
  1. Pet trainer

Miss Wanjiru points out that a new pet will be in a new environment and he or she will take some time to adjust to the new home. Most pet owners and trainers will tell you that obedience is the first lesson you should teach your pet. A pet trainer offers a lot of help in both of these scenarios and more. Your pet can also undergo advanced training with the help of your trainer. My trainer tells me that my dog should undergo sniffer training as that is one of her best qualities. 

You will need to take a training course and gain some experience to be a trainer. Some courses are available online. However, online lessons are the most effective and flexible if you have your own pet to do practical learning. Otherwise, you may need to take a physical class. 

  1. Grooming

Grooming is also a booming sector in the pet industry. The main clients are usually owners with pets going for various shows. Other clients simply need to keep their pets healthy and clean. As a pet groomer, your main activities are bathing, brushing and trimming hair, and shortening nails. 

You can train yourself or get help from an experienced groomer to get the appropriate skills. There are some countries that require you to have an occupational license to be a groomer. You should know that most pets are not comfortable with grooming activities. The animals may actually claw or nip or squirm at you so it is important you learn and exercise appropriate handling. 

To help you think outside the box, you can start a mobile grooming business if you have a van.

  1. Pet Boarding and Daycare 

There are those individuals who like to travel a lot or those that are away for a while. These individuals will need either a pet sitter or pet boarding. Pet boarding works like a hotel. An individual will drop off his or her pet to a boarding facility and pay a fee which covers for services rendered over a given period.  

The boarding facility can also serve as a daycare or you can simply operate one of these. You will most probably need help if you choose to operate both. Large facilities will call for extra help. You can set up a traditional facility that features cages and runs, or a luxurious facility. This will depend on the availability of funds and space. 

  1. Pet Courses

Do you already have experience in the pet industry? You can simply earn by sharing your knowledge of this field.  Physical classes are good but you can also maximize this capacity if you create and sell online courses. There are platforms that provide templates to help you create and sell online courses. e-Learning Platforms have helped generate revenue worth at least $325 billion.  

You will need a microphone, USB CAM, headphones, and, Audio and Video Editing Software. 

  1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is similar to babysitting. Individuals hire pet sitters a lot and you can also venture into it and earn quick income. In most cases, you will have to go to the client’s house to take care of the pet. Many people usually need pet sitting for weekends. Others will need these services when they take longer trips. Clients who are away longer may also ask you to baby or house sit, and this increases your income.


  1. Pet Photographer

Photography is another one of the hobbies you can use to make money. Many people consider pets as part of the family and accord them the same photography privileges. However, they now usually rely on their smartphones. As a pet owner, you can also take photos of your own pets and sell them to platform that purchase photos as a freelance photographer. You can also become a social media influencer on Instagram if you focus on pet photography because many people scroll through those adorable dog and cat images and videos.  

Final Thoughts

The pet industry is wide and has multiple entry points for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the various sectors listed above are worth either millions or billions of dollars. Please us know if we have left out any other pet business opportunity. 

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