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Education -3 magnificent ways the future of education will change

Future of education is anti -fragile. It is covid 19 pandemic that is showing us which kinds of businesses are anti-fragile. Anti-fragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the anti-fragile gets better”.

In most parts of the world, if not all, most of the learning institutions have been closed. Learning is not taking place inside a structured building with a tutor in front writing points on a black board or white board. Imagine that universities and high schools still have buildings they are probably paying rent for and human capital that needs to be compensated.

The problem is, THERE ARE NO STUDENTS IN CLASS. Staying at home, keeping distance , and sanitizing is now every school’s Motto.

How can a school business that has the traditional model of running a school survive with that kind of Motto? Here is the magic answer , IT CANNOT!. This situation in the world just shows you how FRAGILE this traditional business model for schools is.

The current state of education

Have you gone through 4 years of University only to finish school and not get a job? Are you constantly asking yourself, why did I even go to do a course that I have never used in my life? Have you learnt for 4 years in a university and on getting to the work environment you realized that all what you were taught was history and none of what you were taught is relevant in the industry now?

All the above questions have convinced me that UNIVERSITIES WILL DIE. Education will become cheaper and what is taught in the future schools will be relevant to the current state of the world and ready for the future.

Duncan Muriithi Kabogo


I have a personal story on this. I am a software developer by profession and for every project that I start , the first thing is to initialize a git repository. This is to make sure that I do not lose my coding work and start all over again in case something happens to my machine.I use GITHUB to save my work. 

I studied how to code at Multimedia University of Kenya and graduated in 2016. Github started in 2008. By the time I was graduating(8 years since Github) I did not know that anything like git and Github even existed and was being used widely. Maybe I was not curious enough, probably I missed a class, it’s likely the curriculum was not made to cover current technologies or maybe none of my lectures knew that there was such a platform. I had learnt a lot in IT but I was not ready for the current state of the world at that time, or even for the future.

The future of education

Education needs to equip today’s young people with the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

There is one Key thing that you can’t ignore , it is part and parcel of the future of education and that is TECHNOLOGY.

So , What does the future of education look like?

Online classes

If you have not noticed yet. Education institutions are adapting to covid times by delivering the traditional classroom value through the internet. Video conferencing software such as zoom are being used to deliver the same value as the in person classes. Schools such as Africa Data School and Lambda School are fully online.

Blended learning

Blended learning is a teaching approach that combines both traditional instruction and digital technologies to create lessons. Face-to-face teaching is augmented with online lessons and content  –  Tech and learning.

Even though learning might go back to in person classes, it will be combined with a lot of online interaction. You will see a teacher let you watch a lesson online, probably on Udemy or youtube and then give you a project outside the software.

Schools will have skin in the game and will be more valuable – Income Share Agreements.


You are really lucky if you are reading this and don’t have a student loan today or had any sometime back. We pay to go to school and even take loans to just complete university and then boom, NO JOB. You have a loan of 1700 USD (in Kenya for example) and no job to help you repay that. It’s worse in places like the US where it’s an average  29,000 USD 

Checkout ALX – Train In Software Engineering Now. Pay After You Are Employed.

Alx website

Covid times have reduced the economic power of most people and paying for an education that might not have a return on investment does not really sound appealing. A university will have an edge if it tells students, we will teach you for 4 years and once you get a job , you will start paying for the university for the next 6 years from your salary through an Income share Agreement. The university has incentive to make sure they give you world class education to make sure you are the best talent an organisation should have. This is the future of education.

Your employer is your educator

Companies will create their own universities or create their own curriculums that are taught by universities. An example is , Microsoft gives certificates to people who pass the microsoft Azure exams. They certify you as a Microsoft Azure Engineer.

Remember the mismatch on what you were taught in university and what you are required to do at your Job?

What if the person you will work for just teaches you on how things are done and what will be required in the future.

Conclusion on the future of education.

This is definitely not exhaustive on the future of school. Things are changing and nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. You either adapt or die.

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