A university degree is not a guarantee for success

A university degree is not a guarantee for success

Most of us believe that a successful career is awaiting us after graduation from a reputable university. Does it really happen? Certainly not(rather not the way we expect). There are many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss them in detail here in this article. Welcome dear reader, I am a business guy, are you?

Theory is different from practical life:

The content which most of the universities teach is not updated. It was written by researchers many years back. In reality, we cannot implement those theories. Because things are getting updated day by day and the curriculum is not able to keep the pace. So when someone graduates from a university, they do not know about what is going on in the market. The demand for work is totally different from what he/she has learnt in the text. The fresh graduate lacks practical experience, so he/she is a noob in the industry. As a result, they remain unemployed. Internships should start as early as highschool. It is practical

Lack of critical thinking:

Most of the time, universities don’t encourage critical thinking. My friend once got into an argument with his father. The father frustrated with his sons points of view told him to go and read critical thinking before he engaged with him again. He told me his father was right.  Although universities are getting to know about its importance, most are still far behind. They want to insert in the mind of students what’s written in the books. They don’t encourage them to think and make their own theories. So when these minds come to the market, they don’t have critical thinking ability at all. They face new challenges daily, but they can’t find relevant solutions to them .For a man with a hammer ,every problem looks like a nail. If they would have trained to find the new things they wouldn’t have failed like this.

Choosing the wrong degree:

This is a very critical problem. In my view, it is the basis of all the career-related challenges a student face after graduation. When it is time to choose a degree to pursue, people follow what is trending. If the trend goes with becoming an engineer, people follow this path. With that, if there is a successful engineer nearby, the decision is now confirmed. Because people think that engineers are always successful. So when a student jumps into engineering college without interest in being an engineer, they can’t work. Most of the time the leave the school before finishing their degree. If he graduates, he only has a degree, not the passion. Because he has learned bookish engineering and the world is altogether different. When he enters the practical life, his success is almost impossible.

In this article, I have given you the top three reasons why being a university graduate is not a prerequisite to  be successful. So what to do now? We should encourage critical thinking and skill-building. With that, a person will be a master of his profession. It does not matter if  they have a university degree or not.  I am not discouraging university education altogether. Universities have given us many legends too. I am just saying that the universities and society as a whole must work on critical thinking and skill-building. With that, if someone will be a university graduate, I guarantee their success.

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