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Decentralized finance (DeFi) – How to easily get a loan from anywhere in the world

What is DeFi – Decentralized Finance Decentralized finance means the ability to access financial products without going through a central party like a bank. Financial products include loans , insurance and fixed deposits that earn interest. You can be in Kenya and access a loan from a company in Switzerland in under and hour. …


7 Reasons To Switch to Minds Social Network

The security of our data is very important and data breaches tend to costly. In 2020, data breaches cost industries worldwide about $4 million. therefore, there is a need for a secure network to communicate and reach out to your audience. Minds social network is gaining much popularity.   What is Minds Social Network? Minds social …

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9 Advantages of Blockchain Technology

9 Advantages of Blockchain Technology Research shows that the expenditure on blockchain technology solutions should reach almost $16 billion in 2023. In 2018, the expenditure was only $1.5 billion.  Blockchain solutions offer various advantages to businesses across various. Therefore, let’s learn what blockchain technology is and what these advantages are.  What Is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain …