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Felisha Mwangi -Relationships and Business.

Felisha Mwangi is a Forex and Real Estate Investor with her business partner. They are an excellent example of a couple investing in online businesses. Some couples may be skeptical about venturing into the digital market space together. However, Felisha Shows us there is a way and how to go about it so as to succeed. 

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Business Guy: In general, what is it like to have your lover as your business partner?

Felisha: At first it is kind of hard because every time you hang out, one has the mindset that it’s ‘our time’ but the conversation always comes back to the business. No matter how much you try to avoid the topic. With time you get to understand it’s not in your intention to talk about it. I tend to think the business brings the couple closer though there are other ways of becoming closer to your business partner.

Business Guy: According to you, what are the most important aspects of a successful relationship and business?

Felisha: They should be willing to listen to opinions from each other not feeling like one is the superior one. Decisions should be acceptable to the two. In the event of no agreement, it is better to consult from the new business relations. Spending time with your business partner away from work is also important.

Business Guy: Do relationship affairs get into the business? If so how do you ensure sustainability? 

Felisha: Yes, it happens. Some couples bring their personal issues into the business and this hinders effective communication thus no teamwork and sometimes no consulting each other in making decisions. Couples should establish a rule to leave personal issues and conversations at the door when working on their business.

Business Guy: How do you or should you handle them if they do? 

Felisha: The best thing you can do is to find out why and when the issues come up and make sure you’re focusing on teamwork and effective communication.

Business Guy: Do you engage in separate hobbies?

Felisha: Yes, we do. Everyone has their own liking. It breaks the boredom of always seeing your business partner around. It also gives you room to come up with new ideas and a way of relaxing.

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Business Guy: Have you defined and shared roles in the business? How important is it?

Felisha: Everyone has their responsibility. If you are good at marketing then take up the role and your business partner can take finance or something he/she is best in. It allows each one of you to do their job freely with trust that they will get the job done effectively.

Final Thoughts

The key takeaway points from Felisha’s experience in managing the relationship and business include:

  • Each of you needs to accept and fulfill some responsibility both in the workplace and in the relationship. it develops trust and a free working environment. 
  • Teamwork and Communication drive relationships and business to success. 
  • You need to establish rules especially in regards to mixing personal affairs with business. 

What do you and your business partner have to add to this? 

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