How Afrobeat DJ Pool Works

Afrobeat DJ Pool is one of the best DJ Pools in Africa and the World’s only afro-beat record pool. A Dj pool is a strategy and platform for music distribution. Artists, producers, and record labels will upload their music to record pools like the Afrobeat DJ pool, where DJs can easily access the music. 

Previously, record pools were offline, but the current online DJ pools provide global access and bulk convenience. As a procedure, artist or record label, record pools give you access to a wider audience and feedback. A DJ will have access to the latest music from the record pool and will avoid piracy issues. 

There are public record pools and genre-specific pools. Public record pools host numerous genres of music, while genre-specific pools host a specific genre. Afrobeat DJ Pool is a DJ pool that focuses on afro-beats of any genre. 

How Does Afrobeat DJ Pool Work? 

Afrobeat Dj Pool is an easy to use platform with numerous useful features. You can create two accounts on the DJ Pool. You can sign up either as a DJ/Radio Station or Producer/Artist. 

a. How Producers and Artists Use Afrobeat DJ Pool

First, you need to sign up for an account using your email. Once you have an account, you need to login and access the Dashboard. As a producer, artist, or record label, you will add music to your portfolio for the DJs and radio stations. 

Click on the blue ‘Add New Songs’ button on your Dashboard to upload your content. You will provide information about the song, including the name of the song, country of origin, and artist’s name. The next step is to choose the file to upload. Your music files need to have a bitrate of 320kbs, which is what the DJs and radio stations want.

The producer/artist dashboard has a main menu on the left with three options. You can view the list of uploaded songs, the analytics, or choose to logout. Your song metrics will include total downloads, downloads by country, top downloaded songs, and the number of downloads per song. you should also look into the best ways to send music to radio stations and DJs.

b. How DJs and Radio Stations Use Afrobeat DJ Pool

You can also choose to sign up for a DJ or radio station account. Once you log in, you will have access to all the songs producers and artists have uploaded. There is a green icon on the left of a song to indicate the new songs that have been uploaded. 

DJs can use the search bar on the Dashboard to find a specific song. Moreover, you can look for different versions of a song, including original songs, cover songs, and instrumentals. 

You can sample the music before you download it by clicking the play button. Once you are satisfied, you will click the download icon on the far right to get the device’s song.  

Useful Features of Afrobeat DJ Pool 

Afrobeat DJ Pool has multiple features that support and regulate how it works. They include:  

1. Quality

Each file the producers and artists upload has to be at least 320kbs. It guarantees clear sound and quality when used in any application. 

2. DJ Friendly

The songs uploaded on Afrobeat DJ Pool are DJ friendly in terms of quality, easy to mix, interesting, and different music. Furthermore, DJs on the DJ Pool have unlimited downloads on their accounts. 

3. User-friendly Dashboard

The platform’s Dashboard is easy to navigate, which makes it user friendly. You do not need any technical expertise to navigate this cloud-based platform. 

4. Global Reach

You can upload your music in a few minutes and share it with DJs from all over the World. 

5. Multiple Platforms

Your music can feature on Afrobeat DJ Pool and Mixcloud with the click of a button. 


A DJ pool is an excellent strategy to launch your music and get feedback for it. As a DJ, you have access to the latest songs and avoid piracy issues if you join a DJ Pool. Afrobeat DJ Pool is a record pool that hosts music with afro-beat. 

Sign up now as a DJ/Radio Station or an Artist/Producer to access quality afro-beat music, among other features. 

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