How to make money online in Kenya. 50% annual return guaranteed

Introduction on how to make money online in kenya

Do you have 100 k kenya shillings and want to make 50k in one year? I know this sounds like a scam. With the Covid 19 situation in the country, everybody is looking at how to make money online in Kenya. You can make 50% annual return by enroling with Valora app

how to make money online in kenya

Valora makes money borderless, secure, and fast. Users can send money from one continent to the other in a matter of seconds with near zero fees – all through Valora.

Valora is launching Supercharge—the easiest way to grow your crypto. Because on top of being a safe, accessible, and easy-to-use digital wallet, Valora now boosts your crypto with 50% annual rewards.

You automatically receive 50% annual returns on your average weekly account balance. You only need 10 cUSD/cEUR to qualify for Supercharge but can boost up to 1,000 cUSD/cEUR.

CUSD stands for celo US dollar while CEUR stands for Celo Euro.

How often are the rewards?

You’ll receive your rewards weekly and you can withdraw your crypto anytime

How to get your 50%

  1. Download the Valora app (if you haven’t yet)
  2. Tap the green ‘Earn’ button 
  3. Connect your phone number
  4. Go to Menu > Add and Withdraw > Add Funds
  5. Select your preferred stablecoin, either cEUR or cUSD 
  6. Select your preferred payment method
  7. Deposit at least 10 cUSD or cEUR
  8. Select a cash-in provider (in many countries you can cash in for free via Ramp)
  9. Sit back, enjoy

How do I know this is not a scam

Here are screenshots of earnings. Hopefully, this might encourage you to save your money in the Valora app. I started with 321 cUSD and it is now at 346.72 in 2 months.

how to make money online in kenya
October earnings
November Earnings


We have many ways to make money online in a different post that can be found here but this is by far the best return on investment you can have in 2022. Make 50% annual return guaranteed on your savings with Valora app.

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