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How To Make Money Online

At one point as a student, we have searched how to make money online. Even current entrepreneurs search for how to make money online to increase their avenues of income. The internet is a hotbed of opportunities if you just know where to look.

However, there are some people who believe that invitations to online income avenues are a scam. I wouldn’t blame you with the numbers of scammers out there. However, here are some trustworthy ways you could make money online.

Make Money Online

BrandsEye – Make money online

BrandsEye is a crowd company that uses social media analytics from Facebook, Twitter and any other source of online data to deliver actionable insight to its clients. The clients include brands, companies, and organizations.

You can make money online with BrandsEye if you join the online crowd. Firstly, you will be required to will analyze people’s perceptions of various brands and topics. BrandsEye will pay you for the time you spend to answer questions that will help them understand these perceptions.

Application to join the BrandsEye crowd is absolutely free. However, you will need to provide proof of identification and proof of residence. You can work and earn from anywhere in the world using BrandsEye. The more data you analyze the more money you earn.

Make Money Online


Do you have a residential place you can rent out to international travelers and local residents? List your property up on Airbnb. You do not necessarily need a lavish or spacious housing as there are customers looking for all types of rental spaces depending on their needs.

However, the most important thing is to make sure you have vital amenities in your house for your future customers. This is because when you or other customers are searching for a place to host them, they will use filters to input the amenities they require from a host.

As a host, you have control of the house rules to protect your property. Check out Airbnb’s calculator to see how much money your space could possibly fetch.

Make Money Online

Start a Blog

Your personal blog has the potential to be your main source of income or a side hustle. You will be able to connect and relate with people from all over the globe in your blog. Moreover, blogs have the potential to deliver up to more than $100,000 in a single month.

People blog about various topics for example ou could blog about your travels, your life experiences and more. Blogs open up more avenues to make money such as affiliate marketing opportunities, ads revenue, mentorship revenues, online course income and more.

You can learn how to start your own blog as a beginner and grow in time. Furthermore, you can create your blogging websites using platforms like WordPress.

Make money online Freelancing

The freelancing community is another hotbed of opportunities. Do you have any skills you can offer the online community?  There are platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and other freelancing platforms. 

You can offer freelance writing services, copywriting, mobile app development, software development, engineering and architecture services, graphic design, virtual assistant, content and video editing or offer other freelancing services. If you have a particular skill or knowledge you can teach people, you can opt to become an online tutor.

Freelancing opens up the chance to earn more than $100 a week depending on your rates.

how to make money online

Become a Social Media Influencer

Do you have thousands or millions of followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? You can provide your contact information on your platform where various individuals and organizations can get in touch to let you give their products a shout out.

Followers and most customers look for aspects like a social proof before they can make purchases.

 As a social media influencer, you will most often try out products and recommend them to your followers. Once you post, you will provide social proof and this will make your followers trust the product and become potential or future customers. If you have a lot of online followers, you can learn how to become a social media influencer to get started. 


Dropshipping lets you run your own online retail store. The great advantage is you will not store any inventory or incur inventory holding costs. Supplier or various suppliers of the products you wish to sell will hold the inventory for you.

You will post these products in your online store where shoppers can access them. Once they make an order, the orders will be automatically forwarded to your supplier who will ship them directly.  You can easily set up a dropshipping business and sell anything from electronics to clothes.

Research some of the best dropshipping platforms to decide on one that suits your needs and budget.

Create a YouTube Chanel

There are multiple opportunities available to make money on YouTube. You can make any type of video like how-to tutorials, pranks, educative and more. Once your videos have viewership success, you can rely on income avenues like advertisements, the Youtube Partner program, selling your own products among others.

Start a Podcast

Some of us are better conversationalists than they are at writing or vlogging. If you are among them, you can start a podcast and discuss various topics you are passionate about or are issues that our current society is facing.

Once you grow the number of your listeners, your income from the podcast also develops. You can make money from sponsorship deals and advertisements mostly. Take a few minutes to learn how to launch a successful podcast before you start.


Transcription is where you listen to an audio or video and write down what the speakers say. Platforms like Fiverr among other websites will pay you to transcribe audios and videos. Transcription work is relatively easy and pays well.

Participate in online surveys 

Platforms like Google Opinion Rewards will pay you to provide your opinion on various topics like products, services like hotels and more. Google Opinions Rewards will offer daily surveys. You can redeem your income to use on Google Play Store or cash out on PayPal.

There are other platforms that pay you to take surveys like Swagbucks.

Final Word on how to make money online

You will need to invest time mostly and in some cases like dropshipping, you may invest some money. However, the rewards you will reap from the above online options will be worth your while. Moreover, you can participate in the above online income-generating activities on a full time or part-time basis.

Let us know what works out for you in the comment section. With online work, it is never late to get started.

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