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Mansa x reviews – Short and sweet

Mansa X reviews is a brief look at the 20% return product by Standard Investment Bank.


MansaX is a regulated fund domiciled in Kenya that invests in the local and global markets. The fund is a product of Standard Investment Bank, which is licensed as the first Online Forex Trading Money Manager in Kenya, by the Capital Markets Authority, under the CMA Online Forex Trading Regulations, 2017.

The standard Investment bank is a leading Investment services firm in Kenya founded in the year 1995.

Mansa X is a Multi-Asset Strategy Fund with a long/short trading model, specifically designed to optimize returns for clients even during turbulent market conditions while protecting their capital from downside risks. The fund achieves this by utilizing complex portfolio allocation techniques.

Are the mansa x returns legit. Is mansa x legit?

mansa x reveiws

The above is a client who invested Kes 4.7 million. They have already returned 739,954.26 Kes in 2 years. That is a 15 % return.

In addition, Mansa-X is licensed and regulated by CMA.

Is mansa x legit

Here is a list of the approved institutions as of 29th Dec 2021

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What am I investing in?

Mansa-X is a Multi-Asset Strategy Fund with a Long/Short trading model, that provides investors with exposure to both local and global markets through a variety of financial instruments including:

Local Assets:

  • NSE Equities
  • NSE Derivatives
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Fixed Income such as Treasury bills & Bonds
  • Cash & Cash Equivalents

Global Assets:

  • Currencies such as G10 currencies, emerging markets currencies
  • Stock Indices such as S&P 500, NIKKEI, FTSE
  • Single Stocks such as Netflix, Zoom, Microsoft
  • Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
  • Commodities such as Coffee, Brent crude, WTI crude
  • Fixed Income such as Eurobonds
  • Derivatives

Fees involved

As any other fund management service. There some fees that you will incur while investing in Mansa X

  • 0% Initial Fee
  • 0% Redemption Fee
  • 5% Annual Management Fee prorated over 365 days
  • 10% Performance fee applied for a return earned above 25% hurdle rate.

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Why Should I invest in this?

Benefits of Global Markets Exposure: mansa x reveiws

  • Diversification from traditional asset classes of Kenyan equities, Kenyan fixed income and real estate
  • 24-hour Market: Sydney, Tokyo, Nairobi, London and New York
  • Dollar Return: Potentially adjusts for KES depreciation and inflation
  • Leverage: Trade amounts larger than your capital
  • Trading Opportunities: Whether the markets are moving up or down, the funds have opportunities to make money.
  • Liquidity: Ease of access to your funds. Partial withdrawals within 2 working days while complete withdrawals within 3 working days.
  • Local presence: both online money manager and online brokers based in Kenya

How Much Can I invest

The Minimum Investment you can start with is KES. 250,000. Thereafter you can do a minimum Top up of KES. 100,000

Conclusion – mansa x reviews

Don’t let Inflation reduce the value of your had earned money, invest. These are mansa x reveiws and should by no means be taken as investment advice. Get to know more from Caroline Kathia RELATIONSHIP MANAGER GLOBAL MARKETS . Phone No. +254 773-209-694

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