Music Distribution – a guide for new and upcoming musicians

Music distribution refers to the process of making your songs available across various relevant platforms where your audience can access and enjoy them.

The global music streaming market is anticipated to reach a value of $45.31 billion by 2026. In today’s landscape, the digital format stands as the foremost method for both consuming and disseminating music. This encompasses an array of platforms such as streaming services like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, DJ pools, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Boomplay, Mdundo, and SoundCloud. The objective is to ensure widespread accessibility and visibility for artists’ music, allowing it to reach diverse audiences globally.

8 platforms where you can distribute your music

Streaming Platforms (e.g., Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music):

These platforms allow users to stream music online. Artists can upload their tracks to these services, making them accessible to millions of users worldwide. They offer subscription-based models or ad-supported free tiers and provide various opportunities for artists to be discovered through playlists, algorithms, and user-generated content.

Instagram & Facebook:

While primarily social media platforms, they have evolved to support music distribution. Artists can share snippets of their music, promote their work, engage with fans, and even utilize features like Instagram Stories or Facebook Live for exclusive content or live performances.


Known for videos, YouTube is a massive platform for music discovery. Artists can upload music videos, lyric videos, or visualizers, engaging with audiences through visual content. YouTube also offers monetization options for artists based on views and subscriptions.

DJ Pools:

DJ pools are subscription-based services catering to DJs. They provide a curated selection of music, often including exclusive remixes, edits, and tracks before their public release. Artists benefit by having their music accessible to DJs for use in their performances, thereby expanding their exposure.


This platform focuses on short-form videos and has become a significant space for music discovery. Songs can go viral through challenges or trends, and artists can leverage this platform for their tracks to gain popularity and recognition.


It’s a platform where artists can upload their music for streaming. SoundCloud allows artists to share tracks, engage with fans, and build a following. It’s known for enabling emerging artists to share their music freely and gain a fanbase.


Particularly prominent in regions like Africa, Boomplay is a music streaming service that offers a wide range of local and international music. It’s an important platform for artists aiming to reach audiences in African countries.


Another music streaming service focusing on African content, Mdundo allows artists to upload their music for listeners in Africa, providing a platform to showcase and distribute their work.

Each platform serves as a channel for artists to distribute their music, engage with fans, and increase visibility within the ever-evolving music industry, catering to diverse audiences and preferences globally.

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