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Afrobeat Features 2023

Afrobeat DJ Pool Features

New Afrobeatdjpool features 2023

As a DJ, having access to a wide variety of music is essential. That’s where AfrobeatDJPool comes in – a platform that provides DJs with access to an extensive collection of Afrobeat music. However, as technology evolves, so do the needs of DJs. Here are some features AfrobeatDJPool possess and could add more to their platform to meet those evolving needs:


  • Improved search functionality: When you are looking for the perfect track to play at your next gig as a dj ,time is of the essence. That is why Afrobeat DJ Pool has improved it’s search filters with advanced options. DJs could filter their searches by genre, BPM, Country, or Artist.
  • Social networking:   DJs are a tight-knit community, which love to connect and collaborate with each other. Afrobeat DJ Pool platform is working hard towards social networking features that allow DJs to connect with Music Producers, and other production crews. Users could follow their favorite DJs Artists, share music, collaborate on projects, and expand their network.
  • Favourite playlists: As a DJ, you know that different events require different vibes. May it be afrobeat’s, or Afropop from different countries. That is why Afrobeat DJ Pool has a feature that allows users to create customized playlists. DJs could curate their music choice based their guests. This feature would help DJs to create a more personalized experience for their audience and stand out from the crowd.
  • Artist promotions:   Afrobeat DJ Pool could partner with record labels and artists to offer exclusive promotions, prompt access to new releases, and other benefits for DJs who are members of the platform. This would give DJs access to music that they might not be able to find anywhere else and help to build a closer relationship between the music industry and the DJ community. Currently they create monthly mixes on mixcloud and SoundCloud platforms .
  • Artists receive Data Analytics -This will highly help artists plan their career getting to know what locations around the world that their music is highly enjoyed .

In conclusion, AfrobeatDJPool is already a valuable tool for DJs who are looking for quality Afrobeat music. However, by adding these new features, AfrobeatDJPool could become an even more essential part of any DJ’s toolkit. These features would help DJs to find the music they need faster, create more personalized experiences for their audience, connect with other DJs and music lovers, and stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Follow this link for more.

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