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Q&A With Pupshub Founder, Sarah Wanjiru.

Sarah Wanjiru is the Founder of Pupshub Kenya. The business mainly majors in puppy breeding in Kenya. You can view and place an order for puppies through Pupshub’s official Instagram page. She offered us help on how to go about the puppy and pet business opportunities. Pupshub also deals in various accessories such as collars and leashes.  

The information below is helpful to pet business owners (especially those new to the pet business), and new pet owners. 


How Many Pets/Dogs do you currently have at pupshub?

Currently, we have 24 dogs, varying from breed to breed.

How Much On Average Do You Spend On Accessories? (Leash, Clothing, Pet Toys)

We have our own merchandise for pets. Pupshub offers leashes, collars, and any other accessories based on the order. Per pet, a small package of various accessories goes for Ksh 3,000+ ($30). Each package price depends on the client’s specifications. Speaking as a pet owner, not a breeder, on average I spend Ksh 5000 ($50) yearly per pet. It is important to keep your pets as active as possible and to minimize expenses on accessories. Recyclability and durability are key.

How Much Do You Spend On Food? (Per Month Or Year)

On average, we spend Ksh 2000 ($20)per month on food.

Are There Many Opportunities For Pet Trainers Out There?

Yes. Every dog breeder needs a trainer and every new pet owner needs a trainer. Sometimes pets experience behavioral changes when in a new environment (even when they have been trained before adoption) therefore a new pet owner may require a trainer, to help the puppy adjust to the new environment.

What is Your Advice To New Puppy Owners Like Me?

For new pet owners out there, puppies are like babies and they need constant affection and attention so don’t get one if you’re not ready to spare time for them.

1. Puppy proof your house.

Puppies are very playful and can be destructive so keep them out of reach of your important possessions. Get your puppy toys to keep them active when you are away. 


2. Have a feeding plan.

Feeding plans are very important because they help keep your pet healthy and come in handy when potty training. 

3. Create a walking time for your puppy.

Walking your puppy helps in keeping them healthy and boosts their metabolism. It also increases the friendship bond between owners and their pets.

4. Always have treats.

Treats are the best when encouraging good behavior. They make pets happy too! Who doesn’t love a happy pet?

5. Vaccination and deworming equal a healthy puppy and a healthy home so never miss a dose!



Reach out to Pupshub official Instagram for more help on getting and raising your puppies. The price of the puppies will depend on the type of breed. As a new puppy owner or puppy business owner, remember to puppy proof your house, create a feeding plan, create some walking time, always have treats, and vaccinate & deworm your puppy often. 

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