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How to Choose an IP Phone System for Business

Companies and organizations usually use private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems. A phone system for business will facilitate a company‚Äôs internal and external communication. There are traditional PBX phone systems for business (PSTN PBX) and Internet Protocol (IP) PBX phone systems. Internet Protocol (IP) PBX phone systems are newer and better than traditional PBX.  An IP …

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7 IP Telephony Companies in Africa

Many individuals and companies globally are making the change from Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to Internet Protocol Telephony Networks (IPTN). The benefits of IP Telephony make it a better option to facilitate communication. For example, it is cost effective, it offers affordable global access, it is easily scalable and more. Thus, IP telephony companies …

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Ip Telephony Protocols

Communication over a long distance is possible, thanks to telephony technology. There are two main types of telephony currently in use. They are the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and IP telephony. PSTN is the traditional form of telephony that relies on circuit connections to facilitate fax and telephone calls.  IP telephony is the modern …

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7 benefits of IP Telephony To Your Business

What is IP Telephony? Telephony is the technology that facilitates communication between individuals over a distance. IP stands for internet protocol. Thus, IP telephony is the use of the internet to facilitate communication. IP telephony relies on data packets to enable forms of communication like emails, voice communication, faxes, video, and more.  In the past, …