Watts family – Relationships and Business.

Let us discover how the Watts family successfully manages relationships and business. The Watts runs a successful Influencer and digital marketing business.  

watts family

Business Guy: In general, what is it like to have your lover as your business partner? How long have you guys been in business? 

Watts Family: We have been in business for over 3years and I bet it’s the best since there is a lot of trust and we both wanna grow.

Business Guy: How important is it for the modern-day couple to engage in business and what impact will it have for them?

Watts Family: Making money together helps in gaining trust and knowing what you are both good at.

Business Guy: Have you identified each other’s strengths and weaknesses? 

Watt’s Family: Yes, we have, I realized I am good at doing papers/planning and she is good at creating awareness and advertising.

Business Guy: How do you deal with each other’s strengths and weaknesses for the good of your business?

Watts Family: It is always ambidextrous since we help each other in everything even though I do the planning we both help in it and also the advertising.

Business Guy: Do relationship affairs such as arguments get into the business?

Watts Family: Yes, arguments do occur in the business but they don’t affect us much. 

Business Guy: How do you or should you handle them if they do? 

Watts Family: Make rules and make sure you both follow, and if either of you can’t or fail to try and correct by talking about it.

Business Guy: Do you engage in separate hobbies?

Watts Family: Yes, we do. She likes going out while I record them for our YouTube channel.

Business Guy: Have you defined and shared roles in the business? How important is it? 

Watts Family: Yes, we have. I come up with what we will do and she tries to see it through by deciding on how we go about it, helps us gain consistency.

Business Guy: Is it possible for a couple to pursue separate dreams and still do business together?

Watts Family: Yes, it is possible since the business is what will add profit to your income and it is just what you two agree to the better of it.

Business Guy: What advice do you have for your younger selves and/or for young upcoming couples in business? 

Watts Family: Do what you love, stay on it and never doubt your dreams 

Business Guy: Should your business pay you as a salary or is it okay to merge family and business funds under the same account? 

Watt’s Family: They should both have a separate account, and it can pay you as a salary but focus mostly on investing

Final Thoughts

The Watts have provided valuable insight on how to successfully manage your relationship and business. What are some of the best practices you and your partner could share with other couples doing business out there? 

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