What Is An Afrobeat Record Pool

Music is the bread and butter of DJs. However, the field also has major challenges. One of these challenges is piracy which usually gets DJs in legal trouble. Piracy also affects artists and producers as they do not get their money’s worth. Record pools like Afrobeat Dj Pool , africarecordpool, africandjspool and xrprecordpool help to bridge this challenge between DJs and artists & producers.

What is a record pool?

A record pool is also known as a DJ Pool. It is a platform and a strategy for music distribution. You can classify it as a strategy because record labels use it as a way to get exposure for their music. It is also a platform because it connects record labels and DJs, has a large collection of music in which artists and record labels keep expanding. Some record pools focus on specific genres while others may include one or more genres. For example, a DJ pool can focus on providing Afro music.  

afrobeat record pool

What is Afrobeat Record Pool?

Afrobeat Record Pool is a record pool that focuses on music with afrobeat. It is a genre-specific record pool. Artists and record labels can sign up to launch their music in this genre. DJs could also get to register on this platform in order to access afrobeat music. Like any other record pool, the DJ will need to pay a subscription fee to get this music. 

Why is a subscription fee necessary in record Pool?

A subscription fee is necessary in a record pool because it helps provide artists rewards and security for their work. As a DJ, you are in the among the first to access the music from these artists. Record labels and artists rely on you to provide feedback and exposure for their music. You will mainly get these two during your performance. DJs can read the reaction of a crowd towards a certain song and this reaction is a vital part of the feedback. 

Furthermore, their listeners will get to hear the latest music through the DJs. They will share the new music with their friends and this provides exposure for the new music. As a DJ, you can build a successful brand on Afrobeat DJ Pool thanks to this exposure. Listeners will look you up to get new music, and your mention will get you more performance gigs, or sell more mixes. 

How To Use It For A Successful DJ Brand

1. What are your brand values?

The brand values of a DJ mainly depend on several factors. These factors include:

  • Your target audience. It is important to categorize them using characteristics like age, gender, geography, income, musical taste, and more. 
  • Your niche market. It could be club parties, kids parties, adult parties, and more. 
  • The music vision you have. 

Afrobeat Dj Pool helps in many ways when it comes to brand values. They have a catalog of more than 50,000 afrobeat tracks which adequately cover the above factors. Furthermore, you can search and follow an artist you have an interest in to get their latest songs. You can also access to their hottest and latest charts to feed your various brand values.   

2. Create a Tagline for your mixes

Producers are famous for their taglines. So are DJs. Your tagline is an efficient and effective marketing tool. Most people simply use a mention of their name (stage name).  A tagline will make your mixes and business more memorable. 

Your tagline should not just appear in your mixes. It should feature in your adverts, and social media as well. When it comes to social media, include the tagline in hashtags as well. It will get to a point where your customers and listeners will relate to it on a subconscious level.

Afrobeat Record Pool provides music formats that are ideal for DJ mixes. The music on the platform includes original mixes and the files are at least 320kbs. 

3. Have a logo and Color Scheme for your DJing Business

A little part of djing focuses on visuals. Graphic representation can come in handy in marketing. We advise that you enlist the services of a graphic designer for a more effective logo and color scheme for your DJ brand. One of the most common mistakes DJs make is to feature their equipment on the posters. Your audience is more interested in what they will gain from your services rather than the superiority of your devices. 

Afrobeat Record Pool is especially helpful when you wish to make advertisement videos. Their music formats are of high quality and DJ friendly. 

afrobeat record pool

4. Consistency

Consistency is a key factor in the success of any business. Your brand will gain fame with the help of consistency in various aspects. For example, have a consistent tagline, be consistent in making new mixes, and more. Marketing is another important sector that calls for consistency. Make sure you utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and more to make your brand known.

Afrobeat Record Pool has artists posting new music every day which helps you to stay consistent. Furthermore, it will help you gain genre consistency as it mainly focuses on afrobeat music. 

5. Sign up and log in frequently

As a DJ, you need a legitimate source of music. Furthermore, this source should also be able to provide the latest songs which help you to stay relevant in the market. Afrobeat Record Pool is such a source. They have charts for the hottest and latest music which will help maintain your relevance as a DJ. 

All you need to do is to sign up to Afrobeat Record Pool to access their vast pool of music. Log in frequently to get the latest music which helps to build a positive brand. 

afrobeat record pool


Afrobeat Record Pool is a platform that links artists and DJs focused on afrobeat music. DJs can follow artists and record labels and also access a pool of more than 50,000 high-quality songs. Artists, on the other hand, will join a platform with more than 10,000 DJs which will help them distribute their music effectively and get useful feedback. 

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