Why Choose Africa Data School For a Data Science Course?

Over the last decade, Data science and its related field have grown exponentially. It has emerged as a field that influences every sector of today’s society. Whether Medical institutes, educational institutes, banks, manufacturing, or any other, Data Science can always improve it. What better way to upskill than attend a data science course.

And while the Countries like the US were the first to recognize its potential, Africa has also invested a great deal into this sector. The country has witnessed a drastic growth in data science institutes in the last couple of years. And one of its finest institutes is the Africa Data School. The place has offered students an easy and accessible way to learn data science. 

Let’s learn about the courses this institute provides and why it’s the best option.

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Courses Offered By Africa Data School

Data science is a vast field with a lot of different career options. You can become an AI engineer, data specialist, Data scientist, data management expert, and even freelancing after acquiring data science skills. 

And, Africa Data School has programs to train you for almost all of these career paths. The following are some of the data science courses they can offer. 

Blockchain Course

The Africa Data Science school blockchain course is a 12 weeks program that will inform you about the building and innovation of Blockchain. It will include 60 hours of live sessions, 70 hours of video, and around 10 industry projects. You will learn about Bitcoins, Ethereum, wallets, crypto exchanges, smart contracts, and their application in the real world. The school will also introduce you to Decentralized applications. 

Data Science and Machine Learning

If you intend to become a specialist in data mining or a data scientist, the Data science and machine learning course is perfect for you. The 12-week data science course includes 60 hours of live teaching sessions with 70 hours of learning content to clarify every aspect of the data science field. 

Like all other 12 week programs, the course will include 10 industry projects that you have to complete before getting a certification. You will also get full-time expert mentorship and career guidance. The best part is that this course will include Microsoft exams and Azure credits. There’s also a capstone project to build a fully functional AI-driven application. 

Data Analysis and BI

The data analyst course is a short 8-week program that will focus on building AI-driven applications. The data science course will include 30 hours of live sessions, 30 hours of video learning content, and 5 industry projects. And like all others, you will have 24*7 support and mentorship from experts in the field. And the best part is that you will be working on 5 industry projects during this course. 

What You Will Learn?

The main aim of Africa data school is to familiarise you with every aspect of data management and storage. You will be learning about various software, management systems, and technologies during the data science courses. Here’s a small list of what you will know.

Machine Learning And Deep Learning

Machine learning and deep learning are crucial parts of any AI-based application. The first part is essential to ensure that the system stays up to date and uses the existing data or experience to its advantage. It enables your network to learn from experience and devise new algorithms. It also comes in handy for predictive analysis and anomaly detection.

On the other hand, Deep learning helps you reinforce the system’s learning experience. It uses advanced neural networks that mimic human intelligence and learning processes. It’s extremely helpful when you need to collect and analyze a large amount of data. 

Big Data

Large scale companies including Amazon, Google, and Facebook generate a vast amount of data per day. They need a system that can not just store it but can also process and access it when needed. They have to design a large-scale cluster system with multiple processing units and storage media. Each of these components needs maintenance and upgrading to stay functional. 

And if you want to develop a career in this field, you will need to know all about the cluster system. It includes understanding the right way to design one and developing a program to organize and create backups of the data. You will also need to differentiate and work with structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. 

Computer Vision

The 21st century is like a digital book, and Ai is the best way to read it. The technology effectively collects data from various sources, including cameras, smartphones, and many other visual input devices. It can then process and store the visual data into a form that your system can process.  

The technology has a high scope in the robotics and automation sectors. It’s also an asset for the security sector, as once trained, the machine learning system can use computer vision to distinguish between two subjects. It can help develop advanced facial biometric systems for homes, offices, and public areas. 

Learning about computer vision will also help you develop a career in advanced medical. You can work in the development and maintenance of surgical robots.

Benefits of Africa Data School

Africa data school until recently provided both online and offline classes for students. It has to switch to full online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the institute has managed to maintain the same level of communication between the instructors and the students. They have also maintained the same standards and teaching quality.

But of course, these aren’t the only things making this institute special. There are a lot of other reasons to choose it over others, including the following. 

Minimal Prerequisites

The data science courses at the Africa Data school are designed with absolute beginners in consideration. They will start right from the basics and then move to an advanced level. It means that you don’t need any previous knowledge of the subject to get started. Just the common computer skills, a laptop with an internet connection and a strong will to learn is enough.

Expert Support

Every instructor at Africa Data school is a professional with experience creating data science systems and implementing them. They not only teach you but also share their experiences to provide clarity about the real-world application of the technology.

They will be there to solve all your queries and will also guide you with career choices when needed. 

Real-World Training

Learning about machine learning or blockchain is good in understanding their working mechanism. However, implementing these technologies in the actual situation takes more than just theoretical knowledge. You have to be familiar with common problems that may arise and how you can deal with them.

And for that reason, every data science course that you take will have multiple industry projects. You will learn to combine your theoretical knowledge with your innovation and acquired skills to create effective solutions for every problem. 


The Africa school doesn’t just focus on teaching you the concept of data science, but also pays attention to your career requirement. It has partnered with Microsoft Africa to provide you with recommendations and certification after the course. The Microsoft credit will establish you as a professional in the field and open you to better career opportunities. 


Whether you are interested in cryptocurrencies, data management, or AI neural networks, Africa Data school is the right place for you. It has all the resources you would need to learn and excel in these fields. Backed with professional instructors and tech giants like Microsoft, the institute prepares you for all the challenges you might face while dealing with Big data. 

So, if you have an eye for detail and love to solve complicated problems, enroll in the data science and cryptocurrency courses. 

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