Why You Need A Linkedin Account For Your Business Network

Most of us are not aware that LinkedIn was actually founded before Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. It was started in 2002. Last week, One of my friends enlightened me that ‘your network is your net worth’. Networking is a core pillar in business as it connects sellers to buyers and people to successful partners. A lot of people are focused on using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market their products that they overlook the usefulness of LinkedIn.


Why do you need Linkedln?

1. It Is A Powerful Job Seekers Platform

As an entrepreneur, one of your main goals is expanding your sources of income. It is wise to be always open to new opportunities even if you currently have another job. Once you create your LinkedIn profile, you can use location and keywords to look up available jobs.

LinkedIn will also keep your job hunting affairs private from the managers and other employees of your company you have connected with on the social platform. Recruiters, on the other hand, will get to access and assess your profile and possibly recruit you. You will also receive new job updates through your email. 


2. Use It To Establish Your Brand

A LinkedIn profile is better than your own website because you can build your brand and maintain professional relations without the building and maintenance costs and work that goes into a website. 

Establish your personal and professional brand on LinkedIn by showing what makes you stand out from the other players in the industry. Your profile should include a powerful summary of your personalities and strengths. It should be able to communicate your skills to potential employers, business partners, and recruiters.

3. Use It To Get Rank For Your Business And Name.

What results will show up when we google your name or the name of your business? In this digital age, an employer or a potential client could simply look you up on the internet to get to know more about you. It is hard to get your personal brand or business website to list on the first page of Google search results.

Google ranks LinkedIn pages highly and your profile page could rank on the first page of Google search results. As a result, you will be able to generate more leads for your brand and your business performance improves. You have a better chance of impressing an employer, or potential partner when they look you up on the internet and come across your LinkedIn profile first. 

4. Linkedin To Store Your Business Contacts

We are slowly outgrowing email address books and business cards. You get to build your connections on LinkedIn and network with people. It will help you to remember the people you meet and make follow-ups on the plans you make.  

5. To Get Company Information

Do you want to know more about a company before you apply to work there? Look up the company’s LinkedIn profile and see what they do. You will access information like company news, and employee information. Many companies make regular updates that you can use to keep up with their operations.

6. What’s New In Your Industry?

What is happening in the industry? Are there new inventions? Market leaders stay ahead of the market information using industry news from sources like LinkedIn. The platform will provide news of your company or a company you are interested in, industry reports and trends.


7. Establish Business Networks.

You can use LinkedIn to network and forge meaningful relations. LinkedIn gives the ability to get business connections from role models, mutual connections and other people on the field. 


LinkedIn is a powerful professional tool. It helps you get jobs in multiple ways like employers, potential partners, and more. You will work with these people to build a business network look for jobs and build your professional image. It takes about half an hour to build your LinkedIn profile

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